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CAUGHT! More Media Lies

Alternative social media site "Gab" was ready for it. The upstart Social Media platform has been gaining traction by the tens of thousands in the wake of the Left Wing Media's all-out assault on free speech. Since last week's staged "attack" on the Capitol, the Democrats have been calling in favors from Big Tech and the mainstream media at a rapid pace. But the team at Gab knows the game that the left is playing and they hit back. Unfortunately, it seems the Left is only getting started.

Like Parler, Gab has been targeted by the Dems & the Leftist Media Cartel. Parler, the most-downloaded app months running, has vanished from existence in just 48 hours.

How? First, Google & Youtube censored and removed content. Then Apple & Google colluded to remove Parler from their respective app stores. Lastly, Amazon threw the knockout punch and instantly silenced 75 million users on Parler by removing the company's website, their last public-facing component. Think about that. Gone. Would you want to take on a Trillion Dollars worth of Market Cap in court? A suicide mission at best. So what recourse do you have when your own Government is colluding against you? None. Not when they can simply manufacture a "new truth."

You may have not yet heard about Parler, but picture Instagram or NBC disappearing from existence overnight. Now think about the fact that if left to stand, this sets a precedent that would allow any company to simply eliminate competition by means that a week ago would be considered as illegal as price-fixing or market manipulation. But when the Left does it, no one can question it. The Democrats should really change their slogan to "Do as We Say, Not as We Do."

Here is the actual correspondence between USA Today and Gab. Their reply is below. Gab is accused of a crime that isn't even possible. It is a function that has not Website can't even do in the public eye

GAB's Reply to USA Today

If this doesn't scare you, it should. If they can do this to the most-downloaded app in the world, what do you think they could do to any of us?? But that won't happen, right??

Parler & Gab are accused of "Facilitating Insurrection." As I write this, I listen to our elected leaders call my fellow voters "Terrorists," "Traitors," "Insurgents." Have you ever watched something with your own eyes and then been told that reality was completely different?? I call it Political Gaslighting and the Democrats have been abusing all of us in this manner for decades. The hypocrisy on display from the Media & Big Tech would be laughable if it wasn't incredibly dangerous and most of all, illegal under Anti-Trust laws and the US Constitution.

In just a week, the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube have collectively purged hundreds of thousands of users and slapped a lifetime ban on the President, the most powerful man in the world. Why should you be outraged? Because these same companies freely allows users such as Louis Farrakhan and Hassan Rouhani, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran to participate without censorship. Twitter still provides, an arena for many more bad actors. It allowed the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba, which carried out the 2008 Mumbai massacre, to operate an account. During the Westgate terrorist outrage in Kenya in 2013, al-Shabaab used Twitter to claim responsibility, and tweeted live throughout the attack. Look around Twitter and you will easily find many more users that the company seems to have "missed" in their efforts to "curb" violence and terrorism.

At least this is what we are told to believe.


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