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🎥 Dan Ball: Mainstream Media Should Face Military Tribunals for Treason

April 18, 2022

Dan Ball: “what the media is doing and has done to this nation what the mainstream media has done is treasonous. And we should take every single seal that's allowed it every single host and put them in a military tribunal for treason to this nation, because they constantly have lied. And not just the last five years since Donald Trump ran for president ….they've been lying, covering up omitting facts to the American people for decades now.” #oann #newstreason #mediatreason #truth #judgementday

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They aren't the only ones, all those at the top of this 'scamdemic' should be hauled before Nuremberg and they know it. The deaths from the jab are enough to land all in jail who are involved.

What did Clinton say before she lost the election: "If Trump wins, we'll all be hanging from lamp posts". I thought that was rather prophetic and i didn't know the scope of her and her cohorts duplicity at the time.

They seem to be immune from prosecution and that has to change.

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