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DESPICABLE: Politi-fact Editor Claims COVID Patients in Nursing Homes Made 'No Difference'

The Gateway Pundit

Published February 21, 2021 at 5:29pm

Angie Drobnic Holan is the Editor-in-Chief of the far left PolitiFact website. On Sunday Holan joined Brian Stelter on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

Politifact makes a living on “fact-checking” conservative websites and ignoring wild conspiracies on the left.

This morning during a discussion on Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, Angie Drobnic Holan gave the murderous governor a complete pass for killing seniors in nursing homes in New York state.

Holan had this to say on Governor Cuomo’s COVID nursing home scandal, “I think the situation in New York is really complicated… We don’t see hard evidence that [his order] made a significant difference in COVID deaths.” Holan then added that the “issue” was employees bringing in COVID.

Here is the video via Mike Cernovich and Julio Rosas.

Caleb Hull pointed out Politifact’s role in smearing conservative operatives and websites.

What a strange answer by the Politifact Editor-In-Chief?

Governor Cuomo is famous for sending thousands of sick COVID patients back to nursing homes where the dangerous diseases spread like wildfire. New York state and New Jersey still have the worst COVID death ratios in the world.

Cuomo is currently under investigation by the DOJ. The FBI and US Attorney were in Brooklyn just last week investigating Cuomo’s handling of the New York nursing home crisis.

And two weeks ago audio was leaked of New York Governor Cuomo’s top aide apologizing to Democrat lawmakers for intentionally withholding the state’s COVID nursing home death toll from them.

Cuomo’s aide also confessed the governor hid nursing home deaths so the feds would not find out.

Angie Holan’s comments on Cuomo and nursing home deaths were biased at best and completely ignorant at worst… And probably both.


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