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🎥 Did Hunter Biden 'Flip'? Strange New White House Video Suggests Something is Afoot

November 1, 2022

As usual, nothing is what it seems. As we continue to unwrap the very deep, tangled web of lies, crimes against humanity and government-influenced media mind control, the truth continues to emerge as being far stranger than fiction.

Enter the latest anomaly out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that further supports the notion that it is the "White Hat" faction of the military that is truly in control of the Country. Seemingly out of no where, a video of Joe Biden, posted to the White House Official YouTube channel on January 21, 2021, has reappeared with a bizarre twist - a cameo from Hunter Biden.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. On the same day that military sources have indicated that Hunter Biden was 'flipped' into an informant for the Trump-backed alliance, the 2021 Joe Biden White House video was apparently replaced with a different version than was originally posted over 21 months ago. At the 1:16:29 mark of the video, a voiceover of Hunter Biden can be clearly heard breaking into the broadcast saying: "So, just so you know my life, um, as we're waiting to do this...I just agreed to a a plea sentence."


Here is the link to the source video and below is a screen recording of the source video, in case it is discovered and removed from YouTube.

So what exactly is happening here? I do believe that this is the work of the White Hat military. There is simply no other logical conclusion to be drawn from it.

Now ask yourself: Do you honestly believe that this has been there the whole time and just now it was discovered?

Why is it STILL there?

Do you honestly believe that the President’s staff which is responsible for clearing all video and audio before it goes out to the press just “missed” this?

Absolutely Not.

Understand that any video released from the White House is done by means of what is known as a "Pool" camera. For security (and really for narrative control) the sound and video from White House events is filmed by one production team within the facility. That video is always fed to the media on a 5-15 minute delay. During this time, White House staff and Secret Service representatives review the video and sound to ensure that they do not contain any sensitive or potentially embarrassing content. There is simply no way that a clip with this voiceover in it would have made it past the review procedure and be posted to YouTube. It's even less plausible that it would have lasted on YouTube for over 21 months without anyone discovering and circulating it until now.

This was added after the fact by the White Hats. Is the Hunter Biden saga about to blow the lid on the 2020 Election, the corruption of the Fake Biden administration and bring down the entire house of cards? Will this be the "event" that so many of us have been waiting for to kick off the exposure of the Deep State? There's exactly ONE WEEK until the Midterm Election that many of us believe will not happen. Stay Tuned - November is only a day old, but it's shaping up to be a very very HOT month.


SOURCE: Olin Live - LINK


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