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🎥 Documentary: "Dear Wolfgang - Revisiting Sandy Hook Elementary School" - Red Pill Series 💊

May 6, 2022 -


If the last two years have taught Americans anything, it should be that It's long past time to expand their thinking. Each day, millions of people throughout the world are being "Awakened" to the very real notion that the 1%, the Globalist "Cabal" has controlled virtually every aspect of our lives.

While "The Great Awakening" will undoubtedly elevate humanity into a better world, it will also involve facing some very difficult truths along the journey. As I've worked within the "truth" movement for a few years, I long ago learned to never, EVER, dismiss new information. At first I dismissed new theories on past events - many times. But I very quickly learned that most of what I dismissed as "insane, impossible or wrong" ended up proving to be the actual truth. The proverbial "Red Pill" is real and the Cognitive Dissonance it causes is very uncomfortable. But it's a process that we will all experience in the coming months and years as we move forward.

You have likely heard the term "False Flag" discussed often in recent years. What exactly is a False Flag?

Definition of false flag

1: a hostile or harmful action (such as an attack) that is designed to look like it was perpetrated by someone other than the person or group responsible for itIn case you didn't know, a false flag is an incident that is designed to deceive people into thinking it was actually carried out by someone else. —often used before another noun

// a false flag operation

// false flag attacks

// false flag conspiracy theory

2: a deliberate misrepresentation of motives or identity.

also: something used to misrepresent motives or identity

False Flag events have been designed, and executed going back centuries. They are the weapon of choice for global intelligence agencies, used to mask crimes, shift public opinion, change political positions, overthrow governments and even to start major wars. As we re-study history, many will be shocked to learn just how many major historical events were caused or altered through false flag operations.

I give you this background, because it is important to understand (if you haven't yet realized it after COVID) that the powerful will take any steps necessary to remain in power and execute their agenda. It is under this notion that I present an alternate story of an event that will instantly lead many to deem this post as "sick, insensitive, controversial, over the line or an insane conspiracy theory." The 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. An event most of us remember well. An event that was one of the most tragic in recent history. An event that we know to have involved the deaths of innocent children. A event that dominated our televisions, websites and print media for months.

If you choose to search for this subject in Google, you will undoubtedly be met with numerous images, videos and articles on the horror of that day as well as the "Impossible conspiracy theories" that were born after the event. What you won't see is anything presented in the documentary below. What you won't see are the many incredible, glaring, impossible anomalies that took place that day and in the months and years that followed. What you won't see is the very real evidence that the event was used as a catalyst for the massive shift in gun control views and laws that took place in the years that followed. Give the piece 15 minutes - suspend disbelief and decide for yourself if the truth lies down this rabbit hole.


"Dear Wolfgang: Revisiting Sandy Hook"

Dear Wolfgang breaks down the Sandy Hook shooting from the eyes of a man dedicated to uncovering the truth after first being fooled by the media's narrative. Wolfgang asks simple questions that to this day have never been answered through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) ( requests. FOIA requests are usually allowed to be made when ANY taxpayer money is spent by any state or federal government agency. (except in the interest of national security)

The film first starts w/ giving a short "official" narrative given by Main Stream Media networks, then systematically breaks down and proves the US media & government has lied to the general population. Wolfgang Halbig asks so many simple questions that can not be answered w/ out also informing the public that Sandy Hook's "massacre" was a False Flag Operation. The absurdity of all the points brought up in this film will make you laugh at times but also churn your stomach to see how evil the US government is.


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Wolfgang you are a Brave, Wonderful, Amazing Beautiful Human Being and I am PROUD that you are an American with a HUGE BACKBONE to take on this corruption !

I pray for you and your family and it is FINALLY time we the people stand with you !



Carrie Stage


I am utterly shocked! This is masterful and must be seen! I've been a liberal all of my life. I am going to post this film on my FB for my liberal friends to watch, if they dare!! I want to redpill them! I have been slowly redpilling myself for a couple of years now. Hugest thanks to all involved in the making of this film, and huge thanks to you, Dave!!


Jonathan Wright
Jonathan Wright
Oct 09, 2023

Evil beyond words. Sandy Hook was a false flag set up by the Khazarian Ashkenazi Jews and completely FAKE.

Replying to

Yes. By that mafia. Not to be confused with Jewish people who are good people.

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