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🎥 Dr. Peter McCullough On The “Brand New Model” Bringing “Freedom From Pharma” To Americans

October 31, 2022

As more Americans wake up to the criminal cartel that is the Pharmaceutical industry, a completely new, parallel industry is emerging. The mainstream media just doesn't want to tell you about it - it's bad for their business. But the truth cannot be stopped at this point...

Dr. Peter McCullough and The Wellness Company have recently created a “brand new model” to help Americans mired in the Big Pharma healthcare system.

It is a network of doctors (including Dr. McCullough) and pharmacies to get pro-freedom doctors and patients what they need (plus, Gateway Pundit benefits when you subscribe through this link or the links below).

Anyone can join their “Freedom From Pharma” Plan and get:

— a personal doctor of pharmacy

— a “de-prescribing” plan

— coaching and access to a team of pro-freedom specialists

Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive supplements like Dr. Peter McCullough’s Healthy Heart & Muscle Formula.

Recently, medical hero Dr. Peter McCullough told Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft about The Wellness Company.

🎥Watch their discussion (transcript below):


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