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Exposed: Chat Logs Reveal Alleged Plan To Turn Trump Rally Into Violent Riot

Screenshots from a Discord chat channel allegedly hosted by John Sullivan – a far-left, anti-Trump activist who appears to have incited violence at the U.S. Capitol while posing as a journalist – reveal he and his followers infiltrated the January 6th Save America March in Washington, D.C.

The unearthed screenshots follow Sullivan’s arrest for his role in the Capitol riot, which included calls to violence such as “we gotta get this shit burned” and “it’s our house motherf*ckers,” an affidavit can reveal.

The Discord chat channel is allegedly affiliated with Sullivan’s Insurgence USA group, which describes itself as “forming a rainbow coalition to unite all people under one banner to fight for liberation and freedom for all people.”

“We are the revolution, lets [sic] show them the power of the people united,” the group’s page adds.

The chat logs corroborate the recent federal charge against Sullivan, noting he didn’t attend the riot to “report” but rather to serve as an agent provocateur. Sullivan – who uses the name Jayden X – can be seen sending an image of himself in a Trump 2020 hat captioned with “counter intel” on January 6th:

Sullivan Posing as a Trump Supporter

Following the riots, other Discord user revealed they disguised themselves as Trump supporters by wearing hats and shirts with the president’s insignia:

Other users, such as “deaththreat,” admitted that a “large sum of anti Trumpers” composed those storming the Capitol before appearing to identify themselves in the crowd:

Other attendees photographed themselves flipping Trump supporters off outside the Capitol:

Sullivan had also posted instructions on how to make chemical weapons wipes.

Finally, there is now further information that shows Sullivan and his crew were planning to be involved in further violent protests masquerading as pro-Trump rallies:

As recently as Wednesday, January 13th he appears to have posted comments such as “Lol, this is going to be a war.”

The latest information severely undermines the establishment’s claims that Donald Trump incited a riot at the Capitol and that his supporters were responsible for the majority of the action on January 6th.



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