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Gen. Flynn: "This is Irregular Warfare," We Have A Digital Army

Back on December 31, 2020, Gen. Flynn, Secretary Pompeo and Trump Sr Adviser Dan Scavino all posted the same image of George Washington.

Flynn quoted General George Washington, who famously told his dejected soldiers:

"My brave fellows, you have done all I asked you to do, and more than can be reasonably expected; but your country is at stake, your wives, your houses and all that you hold dear. You have worn yourselves out with fatigues and hardships, but we know not how to spare you. If you will consent to stay one month longer, you will render that service to the cause of liberty, and to your country, which you probably can never do under any other circumstances."- General George Washington, Encouraging His Men to Reenlist in the Army (LINK) --TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1776

Less than a week after his successful surprise attack on the Hessians at Trenton, Washington and the American Army faced another crisis. On the last day of December, the enlistments of many of his soldiers would be up. The men were looking forward to going home, but if they left, Washington might not be able to continue the fight for freedom. Lining up his command, he made a personal appeal for them to re-enlist. The men agreed to stay, making possible another victory just three days later at Princeton.

30 Days From Flynn's Post is - January 29, 2021

Something important is expected on Friday. Don't expect to see it on the mainstream news. It is our job to get the truth to our fellow Americans. We The People will win...


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