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Global War: Italian Government Restored With New Populist Leaders

Originally Published by The Gateway Pundit Published February 17, 2021 at 10:46am 138 Comments

As Americans come under increasing fire from the radical left, the mostly unspoken and media-unfriendly conservative revolution continues world-wide. The leftist Italian government has fallen apart and been replaced by new government with a strong center-right element, writes Davide Quadri, Lega Youth

Matteo Salvini

While wild-eyed Democrats have seemingly taken over in Washington, the left-wing government of Giuseppe Conte has collapsed in Italy, opening the way for conservative parties to return to government in Rome.

It all started with the resignation of the two Ministers of Italia Viva, a minor left-wing party led by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

The Conte government was relying on Italia Viva’s votes for their majority in the Parliament, as the online populist 5 Star Movement plus the other left-wing parties were not enough to rule. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte survived a vote of no confidence in the Senate, but with such a small majority that it was clear the coalition would not hold. Conte resigned.

For many Italians, this came as a complete surprise, since the general assumption was the left would do everything they could to avoid new elections, which the center-right parties would probably win.


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