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Go Truck Yourself, Media - Fake News Reaches New Lows Globally

February, 11, 2022

Every single time you think the media has bottomed out, they break out a shovel and dig even deeper.

Every single time you think the media has bottomed out, they break out a shovel and dig even deeper. There is no “bottom” for the left, everything is about their obtaining power, anything else is secondary. It goes without saying that they’ll lie to get their way, dishonesty is like water to the left, but they have moved beyond lying. Now, leftists will go so far as to make themselves look unbelievably stupid, turn themselves into clowns, to protect the left-wing narrative. Nothing illustrates this like the coverage of the Freedom Convoy in Canada.

Did you know there were Nazis – LITERAL NAZIS – roaming the streets of Ottawa, Canada’s capitol? Neither did I, or most people, until our media here started telling us. “The protesters are waiving Swastikas around,” the “reporters” proclaim. Missing from any video package or report on these Nazis is any of them on camera.

Sure, they’d have a random picture or silent B-roll video of its existence, usually up close, but that is. Ever wonder why that is?

The answer is pretty simple: It’s not what they say it is.

Having moved to DC during the George W. Bush administration, I noticed at every outside event or protest, or Metro stop near a university, there was a folding table with nutjob literature and a big poster of Bush with a Hitler mustache. They were always around and no one in the media bothered to notice, mostly because they believed Bush was Hitler and the posters/literature table belonged to Lyndon LaRouche, a lunatic Democrat left-wing crazy who ran a decades long perpetual campaign for President.

After January 20, 2009, Barack Obama became President and the LaRouche loons changed Bush in a Hitler mustache to Obama in a Hitler mustache. Suddenly, it mattered. Context is weird like that.

Story after story on cable news were about how those Tea Party crazies were calling Obama Hitler, even though the “reporters” knew it was those LaRouche nuts who showed up to everything, they had nothing to do with the Tea Party. A lie, plain and simple.

With the “swastikas” in Canada, I’d be you they’re exactly like they have been at protests in the US – calling the government fascists. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer slimed Michiganders protesting lockdowns by saying they were rallying under swastikas, when those swastikas were on signs calling her a totalitarian. No one in the media bothered to report honestly because they’re bad people.

Ask yourself why you don’t see footage of these “brave” journalists confronting these swastika waving monsters? It’s likely because they’d articulate what I’ve laid out here. It would also give those people a chance to make their case, a case the left-wing media does not want made. They’d have to show the whole sign, not just a cropped piece.

The same goes for the Confederate flag the media can’t shut up about. How many Confederate flags do you think are in all of Canada, 2 or 3? It means nothing to them, why would anyone even have one? It’s not their history, it’s the history of the Democrat Party in the US.

There is, however, a good reason for someone to have a Confederate flag at the Freedom Convey, if you think about it – to give the left-wing media the story.

It’s really pretty simple: some jackass leftist shows up with a Confederate flag to an event, all the stories turn into stories not about the event, but about how the event is racist. Again, no interviews with the guy carrying the flag, just silent B-roll as the “journalist” narrates about how disturbing it was to see such a thing in person.

Why wouldn’t the reporter confront this person, find out why they’re there? In Canada, like with reporters in the US, the narrative is what matters. Asking questions doesn’t help that, the truth doesn’t help that. If it did, they’d be all over these people. The story rolling around in the heads of people who only pay casual attention to the news is there are a bunch of Confederate Nazis trying to overthrow the government. Sound familiar? The left only has one playbook, after all.

Watch this compilation of media coverage of truck drivers simply seeking the freedom of body sovereignty and see if you notice a difference between this and how they cover the new here.

They’ve gone from “mostly peaceful” riots to non-violent violence. When a reporter says, “There hasn’t been as much violence as some have, perhaps, projected, but that does not necessarily mean that is has been peaceful,” you feel as though you’ve fallen completely through the rabbit hole. Don’t.

You’re not crazy; they’re evil. And we’re winning, which is scaring the hell out of them. Go “truck” yourself, media.

SOURCE: Town Hall

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.


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