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📷 How a Peaceful Protest Gets Becomes A 'Treasonous Riot'

The divide in our country began long before the battle between Joe Biden & Donald Trump. For decades now, the mainstream media cartel has engaged in biased, manipulative and deceitful practices. They have ignored the will of the American people, promoted false and dangerous left wing propaganda and capitalized on the apathy of the American people to advance the left's agenda, even at the risk of inciting unrest or all out Civil War.

It no longer matters what you believe.

It should come as no surprise that a million peaceful protestors are being told that their eyes deceived them. Video? Images? Memories? None of that matters to the Cartel. We didn't see BLM or ANTIFA arrive on busses, outfitted with helmets, professional cameras, radios and weapons, right? We didn't see them enter the Capitol, through gates opened by Police, a full 15 minutes before Trump finished his speech, right? We didn't see agitators vandalizing, pushing and yelling to "follow us in," right? And we most certainly didn't see thousands of Patriots attempting to STOP them, right?

Not according to the Cartel. According to the media, what we witnessed was perpetuated by a "violent, insurgent mob" of "angry" Trump terrorists. Right. By now, those of us who go past page one on Google have seen this movie many times that we know it by heart. It's been "opposite day" in the United States since Trump descended down the golden escalator in 2015.

It simply wasn't good enough for the Democrats and the liberal media cartel to have spent over four years painting Donald J Trump and his supporters as Facist, racist, white nationals who abuse women, hate immigrants, fear social integration and pose a "dangerous threat to national security."

It wasn't a "threat to national security" when the DNC, led by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, James Comey and Hillary Clinton, bought and paid for the infamous fake Russian "dossier." The same false dossier that FBI Director Comey knowingly leveraged to obtain a warrant from the FISA court and spy on then candidate Trump's campaign team.

It wasn't a "threat to national security" when Comey, ignored warnings of the dossiers origins and renewed the FISA warrant THREE times.

It wasn't a "threat to national security" when the same false evidence was turned into an illegal 2-year investigation under Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. An investigation that cost Taxpayers $32 Million dollars, issued 2800 subpoenas, executed 500 search warrants, issued orders for 230 phone records, interviewed 500 witnesses and bankrupt and/or jailed 6 Trump associates on process crimes. Innocent Americans that volunteered to cooperate with the investigation were setup to perjure themselves by the FBI. When witnesses refused to give false testimony to indict President Trump, investigators rang them up on charges of lying to a Federal Investigator.

In the case of Paul Manefort, he was indicted for misstating his income on a Bank Application....13 years ago. in 2017 , 3-Star Lieutenant General Michael Flynn plead guilty to a felony count of "willfully and knowingly" making false statements to the FBI. It was later determined that the State did not have sufficient evidence to prosecute. Yet, a Federal judge refused to release Flynn. Bankrupt and forced to sell his families home, Flynn's life hung in the balance until President Trump pardoned him on November 25, 2020.

And who could forget the fake impeachment? The one the Democrats forced through just a year ago, denying the President of the United States his basic due process without objection. This too, could not have possibly endangered our National security. I'm sure our foreign enemies didn't catch on to the fact that the case was predicated on what the Democrats told us Trump was "thinking" during his congratulatory call with Volodymyr Zelenskiy of Ukraine. Trump, legally fulfilling his Constitutional oath, requested Zelenskiy "look into" the

allegations surrounding Hunter Biden's curious appointment to the board of Burisma Holdings. An appointment that the New York Times exposed as suspicious back in 2015. His father, Vice President Joe Biden, meanwhile openly withheld a $1 billion aid package to Ukraine, famously stating to the Ukrainian President, "If the (Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin) is not fired, you're not getting the money". But Trump, not Biden is the one who was indicted for a quid quo pro.

Adding insult to injury, we now know that a copy of Hunter Biden's "Hard Drive from Hell" was already in the FBI's possession at the time of the impeachment trial. Though the President was clearly not guilty of any crimes, the fact that no one from the Justice Department came forward to end the impeachment is deeply disturbing and a serious cause for concern.

Even more concerning is the egregious manner in which the Media Cartel systematically ignored all of this and simply told us to look the other way. Searching online, one would never believe that the Hunter Biden story was, in fact, very much real:

As if nine months of gaslighting, draconian lockdowns, moving targets and extreme, arbitrary violations of our most fundamental Constitutional rights wasn't enough. For the Democrats and the Left Wing Media Cartel, no lie is too large, no hate is too strong and no insult is too low.

🎥 VIDEO: In Their Own Words

The Capitol Hill Protests | The Supporters


🎥 VIDEO: In Their Own Words

The Capitol Hill Protests | President Trump


Donald Trump considers himself the “law and order“ President. he has consistently denounced the “defund the police“ movement supported by the left following the violent George Floyd protests. He was universally supported by police and sheriff unions. He would be a virtual lock for the Presidency in 2024. Decisions in the House are negotiated and decided long before the vote on the floor. Very few if any senators and congressmen were changing their mind that day. To think Trump didn’t know how 95% of the House and Senate would vote on the contested election

Does it make sense that he would incite a riot? What exactly would that achieve? If his goal was to have Congress send Electors back to the contested States, why would he encourage his supporters to storm the Capitol?

🎥 VIDEO: In Their Own Words

The Capitol Hill Protests | The Agitators


🎥 VIDEO: In Their Own Words

The Capitol Hill Protests | The Police



The Capitol Hill Protests

Washington DC | January 6, 2021 (Getty)


Washington DC | January 6, 2021 (Getty)

By now we are used to living in 2 different worlds....

Do you honestly believe the media coverage? This is how the characterize the BLM protests over the summer

But, unfortunately, much like everything over the last 4 years, if none of us stand up and say something, we make it easy for them. "Just drink your Soy Latte, go back to Instagram and be sure to post that Tik Tok video of your dog falling off of the couch. There's nothing to see here.



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