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If they can take his business, why not yours? MyPillow destroyed for 'crime' of asking for truth

I'll keep posting these stores. My hope is the public will quickly realize the very real threat our own government poses to each and every one of us.

Mike Lindell of MyPillow fame has a much deeper story than most know. Sure, his commercials are cheesy. But guess what? Cheesy works. Cheesy has resulted in a 7 figure business with 2500 employees - all in the UNITED STATES.

Cheesy has resulted in one of the top Direct Response TV products of all time. (Think Chia Pet, Snuggie, George Foreman Grill). Lindell over $300 million worth of MyPillows to every major retailer from Amazon to Bed, Bath & Beyond to Walmart and Target.

Lindell, who was a Crack addict on skid row as recently as 2010 is the definition of the American dream. A man who had lost everything he owned and was inches from death, turned his life around and flourished through good old American drive and hard work.

Unlike most entrepreneurs , he didn't take the easy route. He could have outsourced his manufacturing overseas and made his products much more profitable for himself. Outsourcing would have made his products much more appealing to major retailers, who usually ignore new products that don't give them a 80% gross margin.

But he didn't. He currently employs over 2,500 Americans in Minnesota and manufactures all of his products here in the US. Lindell even prints his own books, also here in the US.

Lindell has never forgotten his origins or his faith. He gives back in the form of donations, assistance for addicts, recovery help, faith-based services and so much more.

But, like so many of us, he woke up after Jan 20th and was shocked to learn that he was now considered an 'insurgent' and 'dangerous to democracy'. His products were dropped by Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, Kohls and many more.

His "Crime"? Asking for the truth. Asking for transparency in his country's elections. Asking why no one seems to care about election integrity. Asking for truth in the process that defines our most fundamental American right.

You should be afraid. Everyone should be afraid. If they can do this to one of the most visible businesses in the Country, what do you think they can do to your business?


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