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Gross Negligence! CNN Compares Trump Voters to ISIS, MSNBC Promotes Statistics Without Numbers

*🚨Warning: If you live in the United States, this will likely offend you.

*🚨Warning: If you scroll past page 1 on Google, this will likely offend you.

*🚨Warning: If you believe in fact-based news, this will likely offend you.

Because the "news" stories below contain neither. Sadly, it seems the mainstream media cartel feels they no longer need to even try and hide their lies.

Watch & decide for yourself.

Do you believe that American Citizens should be labeled as domestic terrorists and compared to ISIS? Because that is exactly what CNN is suggesting. What's even worse is their reasoning: Support for the Congressional challenge of the election. A Constitutionally-sound, LEGAL procedure that the DEMOCRATS just enacted in 2017 when confirming Electoral votes for?.....DONALD TRUMP!

Context is everything these days.

Yes, CNN thinks We The People are THAT clueless. A prime time broadcast on a top network and they are lying to our faces. They want the public to believe that Trump and his "Domestic Terrorist" supporters in Congress attempted to "destroy democracy" and "overthrow the government." By using a Congressional challenge procedure that has been used while certifying the last 4 Presidential elections - by BOTH parties (LINK).

Now on to our friends at MSDNC.....They really ARE progressive. In one video they update the English language and redefine math!

1) How to define what is true and false (or "misinformation"), without the issue at hand actually being litigated by the People.

And no, contrary to what the media has claimed, the claims of voter fraud have NOT been investigated by the Federal Government. The supporting evidence has has yet to be presented to a judge, jury or to the public in its entirety.

The only investigation was done pro-bono by supporters of the President and his personal attorneys. Their claims have been delayed or rejected on questionable Constitutional grounds and process technicalities.

2) Talk of election fraud was down 73% on "Many Social Media Platforms". graphs, no tables, vague analysis. Do you remember in grade school when your teacher would say "SHOW YOUR WORK"? It's because of hacks like these clowns...

3) It's extremely easy to report that "misinformation" (translation: facts one side doesn't want the public to see), is down when big tech purges anyone posting in support of President Trump. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that eliminating the source of the "misinformation" have this affect. And to think, people actually get paid to be this clueless....


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