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India Threatens To Jail Twitter Employees For 7 Years After Interference In Country’s Politics

Rule 1 of War: Recognize You’re In One. The truth is out there. Your Government just doesn’t want you finding it so easily.


February 9, 2021

Jack Dorsey has openly come out in favor of the Soros-linked protests.

India has threatened to jail Twitter employees for up to 7 years after the social media platform’s algorithm promoted violent protests throughout the country.

The threat to fine or jail Twitter employees was issued after its algorithms promoted protests with “potential to lead to imminent violence affecting public order situation in the country”, the Indian IT ministry stated in a notice it gave to Twitter.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been vocal in his personal support for the farm protests in India, liking anti-Indian government tweets by left-wing Washington Postcolumnist Karen Attiah and singer Rihanna on his personal Twitter account.

“Rihanna has the Indian government shook,” Attaih had said.

Last week, Rihanna tweeted “why aren’t we talking about this?!” along with an article about the Indian government’s response to the protests.

It was later accidentally revealed by environmental activist Greta Thunberg that Rihanna’s tweet had been totally scripted, after Thunberg posted a “toolkit” for activists which contained a template tweet that was identical to the one shared by Rihanna. Thunberg subsequently took down the tweet and posted a new toolkit with the template removed. Indian investigations have since revealeda Soros-backed Canadian progressive group, the Poetic Justice Foundation, was behind the toolkit.

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The Indian government has called into question Twitter’s position as a neutral party, given Dorsey’s overt interference in their country’s domestic affairs.

“If the founder of Twitter is openly taking sides, it does raise questions over the neutrality of the platform and how it deals with India’s requests related to the subject,” an Indian government official told the Times of India.

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In 2019, Twitter allegedly shadow-banned Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi from their platform, drawing a rebuke from Modi’s supporters online, who stated that Modi’s tweets no longer appeared in their feeds.

Progressive globalists worldwide have criticized Modi’s government in India for promoting a conservative-nationalist vision, emphasizing patriotism, sovereignty, traditional values and economic revival.

He has been designated by the Soros network alongside former U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin as a key target for their activism.

Big tech platforms have similarly amplified anti-government protests in the neighboring country of Myanmar, leading the government there to ban Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Does this movie sound familiar??

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