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Judge Releases Dominion Audit Report: System ‘Designed’ to ‘Create Systemic Fraud’

Court unseals details of audit on machines in Michigan’s Antrim County

13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin Elsenheimer released the audit report

A Michigan judge has released the bombshell report on the audit of Dominion Voting Systems, revealing that the machines and their software were “designed” to “create systemic fraud.”

The report covers the forensic audit of Dominion’s machines in Michigan’s Antrim County — which received national attention after it was discovered that 6,000 votes for President Donald Trump were “flipped” to Democrat Joe Biden due to an “error.”

13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin Elsenheimer ordered the report’s protective order to be lifted on Monday night, allowing the details of the audit to be unsealed and released to the public. The data firm that conducted the forensic audit of Dominion Voting Systems determined that the machines and software in Michigan showed that they were designed to create fraud and influence election results, the report reveals.

“We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results,” Russell Ramsland Jr., co-founder of Allied Security Operations Group, said in a preliminary report. “The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors.

The ruling is a major blow for Dominion’s CEOs (pictured) who hoped to keep the report sealed

“The electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication,” the report continues.” The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail.

Based on our study, we conclude that The Dominion Voting System should not be used in Michigan,” he added. “We further conclude that the results of Antrim County should not have been certified.”

Ramsland, a former Reagan administration official who has worked for NASA, and the team of cybersecurity experts examined Dominion products in Antrim County earlier this month as part of an ongoing case.

The team inspected and performed forensic duplication on the county’s election management server, which was running Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5.3-002, compact flash cards used by local precincts in their Dominion ImageCast system, USB memory sticks used by Dominion Voter Assist Terminals, and USB memory sticks used for the poll book.

They used X-Ways Forensics and other tools including Blackbag-Blacklight Forensic Software, and Virtual Box.

Judge Elsenheimer approved the forensic examination in Bailey v. Antrim County, which alleges the infamous vote flip county officials reported last month may have not been the result of human error, as officials had alleged.

Antrim County resident William Bailey filed the lawsuit against the county that challenges the integrity of the election equipment.

On Monday, Elsenheimer ruled that the report on the examination must be published. Elsenheimer unsealed the report after state and county officials withdrew their objections.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, has attempted to dismiss the report as “inaccurate, incomplete, and misleading.”

“The Antrim County Clerk and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson have stated that the election night error detailed above by the vote ‘flip’ from Trump to Biden, was the result of human error caused by the failure to update the Mancelona Township tabulator prior to Election Night for a down-ballot race,” reads the report by Allied Security Operations Group. “We disagree and conclude that the vote flip occurred because of machine error built into the voting software designed to create error.”

Allied Security Operations Group concludes that the Dominion system “should not be used in Michigan” and the Antrim County results “should not have been certified.”

Last weekend, Judge Eisenheimer ordered Antrim County election officials to preserve all election materials and refrain from operating any of the county’s Dominion Voting Systems machines ahead of a forensic audit by the Trump campaign.

“Antrim County election officials discovered that ‘human error’ flipped 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden after Bailey alerted them to some inconsistencies in the county’s reporting of the vote,” The Daily Wire noted earlier this month. Michigan Secretary of State Benson’s office attempted to dismiss the inconsistencies as “human error.”

In a statement, Benson’s office said that “the clerk accidentally did not update the software used to collect voting machine data and report unofficial results.”

“The erroneous reporting of unofficial results from Antrim county was a result of accidental error on the part of the Antrim County Clerk,” the statement said.

“The equipment and software did not malfunction and all ballots were properly tabulated.”

“However, the clerk accidentally did not update the software used to collect voting machine data and report unofficial results.”

Assistant Attorney General Erik Grill claims the audit analysis is “inaccurate, incomplete and misleading,” The Detroit Free Press reported Monday. “There’s no reason to hide,” Grill said. “There is nothing to hide.”

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, attempted to dismiss the report as ‘inaccurate, incomplete, and misleading’

Benson withdrew her objection to releasing the report, said Grill, because the attorney representing Bailey had given interviews to the press in which he leveled allegations about the election results and Benson, according to The Daily Wire.

“Any attempt to suppress the report now would only incorrectly be seen as an attempted coverup, he said,” the Free Press reports.

“Dominion Voting Systems and the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office continue to urge caution about false information related to Antrim County,” The Detroit News notes.

Dominion said in a statement released Monday that the error was caused when officials did not update the programming, emphasizing that the error was caught in the post-election canvass process.“

The post-election canvass process is designed to catch errors, which is exactly where these errors were discovered,” the company said.

“It is disappointing, though not surprising, that the primary goal of this group is to continue spreading false information designed to erode the public’s confidence in the election,” said Jake Rollow, spokesman for Benson. Trump won Antrim County by about 4,000 votes but lost the state by around 154,000 votes.

SOURCE: The Standard

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