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🎥 Lindell: Trump Will Be President by August

Say what you want about Mike Lindell, but my position is that the man represents good, is a true Patriot and an absolute BEAST. It's no wonder President Trump is so fond of him.

Watch - in just a 2 minute video, Lindell drops no fewer than 6 BOMBS:

1) Any of his employees that get kicked off of YouTube will get a bonus, for speaking the TRUTH,

2) The CEO's of Big Tech (Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Brin, etc) are all going to PRISON.

3) In 5-6 weeks, he will be releasing a host of new evidence, exposing massive crimes and fraud. It will "make Wikileaks look like a Tinker Toy."

4) We will soon find out the true source of the plague of internet trolls and bots.

5) By June, The Supreme Court will accept his enhanced 2020 Election Fraud evidence via a 9-0 vote.

6) Donald Trump will be back in office by August - he is actually STILL President.



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