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NESARA? Or Did Banks Voluntarily Give up $15 Billion in Fees?

May 14, 2022

If you’re like me and bank in a paperless manner, it’s easy to glance over any one of the the flood of disclosures and notifications endlessly filling your inbox.

But recently, there was a message that jumped out at me. I had to read it twice and check the sender’s address. I thought it was a joke.

The notice informed me that beginning in 2022, Bank of America — the nation’s second largest bank by assets — would no longer be charging any nonsufficient funds (NSF) fees. By May, it would reduce overdraft fees to $10 from $35 and completely eliminate overdraft protection transfer fees, among others.

Wait WHAT!? A bank eliminating fees? A bank eliminating revenue? And not just any bank, a Tier 1 Financial giant like BofA?

First the Plandemic, then a stolen election, explosion of the woke, food shortages, war and now this? The world really HAS gone completely insane!

But, then it dawned on me. NESARA! It HAS to be because of NESARA. It’s the only logical answer.

Now, if you’re reading this and don’t know what NESARA is, you’re not alone. But don’t bother trying to Google it.

NESARA is a revolutionary set of laws involving regulatory changes, debt forgiveness, implementation of a new gold & silver backed US Currency and the elimination of the FED, Federal Income Taxes and the IRS. The major impetus for NESARA being over 100 years of illegal taxation and illegal banking practices, most notably usury. All dating to the fraudulent Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Your banker friends, Google, your financial advisors and especially the media will assure you that NESARA is just the latest “QAnon” conspiracy theory. Others will likely tell you NESARA is a ”scam” that’s been going around for 20 years. The latter is partially true. The framework has existed since the late 90’s. But, the only “scam” has been the government‘s coordinated efforts to prevent NESARA’s public announcement and implementation.

The truth, is that not only is NESARA and the elimination of the Central Banking system very real, ample evidence already exists that both are well underway.

Simply do some research on the steps that Russia, among other countries have already taken to decouple their finances and currency from the Rothschild controlled World Bank.

In February of 2021, Putin announced his country is “finally free from the icy grip” of the Rothschild banking cartel and New World Order Cabal. The President followed up the move on April 1, 2022 by officially pegging the Ruble to Gold, thus eliminating it as a bank-manipulated Fiat Currency.

You can learn more about NESARA in the resources complied on this platform: NESARA/GESARA INFO .

Now, back to bank fees. What’s the big deal? Well, think back to what I said about illegal banking practices. 99% of Americans don’t realize it, but the majority of practices and policies used by the modern day banking behemoths, are illegal and fraudulent. Compound, front loaded interest on homes, fractional banking, over-leveraging deposited money, betting against the same investment products they sell to clients….I’d need to write a book just to explain it all.

Let’s just say a very long overdue day of reckoning for the global bankers is rapidly approaching.

So why does my Bank of America email matter so much? Well, as it turns out, it’s not just Bank of America that’s eliminated these fees. So far, in 2022, the following banks have also implemented nearly identical changes:

  • Alliant Credit Union

  • Ally Bank

  • Capital One

  • Citibank

  • Citizens Bank

  • KeyBank

  • M&T Bank

  • PNC Bank

  • Regions Bank

  • Santander Bank

  • Truist Bank

  • U.S. Bank

  • Wells Fargo

Just how significant is this?

These banks have collectively charged an average of $15.5 BILLION in overdraft and NSF fees EVERY YEAR, according to the CFPB. Wells Fargo alone shows these fees as a $1 Billion dollar annual revenue line item.

These are staggering sums that are almost pure profit for the Banks. Does anyone know bankers to be the type of folks to just “give up” such easy revenue?

As publicly-traded companies, would the management of the banks be legally honoring their fiduciary duties to maximize shareholder value by needlessly eliminating billions in revenue? The answer to both is a resounding HELL NO.

So, why then? Surely something changed, right? A new law?

That’s what Google will tell you. A quick search will yield plenty of results on “pending legislation”.

Well, that legislation is H.R. 4277: The Overdraft Protection Act of 2021 and it most certainly is, “Pending.” It was introduced almost a year ago and has been stuck in the Congressional Finance Committee purgatory ever since.

At this pace, this bill wouldn’t even sniff the President‘s desk until early 2023. If it even passes. Those who understand DC, well-know that the banks all but own the Congress. If it passes, it will be by way of a ver slow crawl.

So the banks are just taking early action, because they see the handwriting on the wall? Right?

NO. No company in their right mind, let alone a group of them would take any such action unless compelled. Voluntarily making business changes that ensure Billions of dollars in lost revenue? For a law that hasn’t even hit the floor of the House yet? Sorry, but if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

No. None of that makes sense or would happen in the real world. But if we have learned anything over the last year, it’s that there are no coincidences.

In my opinion, this is a clear sign of the early stages of the implementation of NESARA. And you’re not going to read about it in your newspaper. This is yet another sign that NESARA/GESARA and the Global Currency Revaluation are very real and very much in process.

We are long beyond the crossroads of truth and fiction. You can believe the daily fiction portrayed by the mainstream media or you can seek out the reality of our world on sites like this one. Sites run by Patriot Citizen Journalists who are dedicated to waking up our Country to the truth.

The choice of your path forward can only be made using the information that you seek for yourself, not by that which is fed to you by others.

In THIS world, I know that we are close to the ending of a Global Economic and Information War. One that will result in a victory that will dramatically change all of humanity for the better.

In THIS world, I know that President Trump and the US Military are legally in control of the United States, through Constitutional Devolution and are working with our Global allies to end the Rothschild-controlled Central Banking system that has enslaved the world for Centuries.

I know that NESARA is very real and it is a key component of the Second American Revolution. A Great Awakening event that will restore law, order, justice, safety, prosperity, opportunity, pride, Patriotism and our true Constitutional rights.

The Patriots in this movement have researched, studied, learned and verified. And we know that President Trump speaks literally when he continues to assure us that “The Best is Yet to Come.”

-Make TRUTH Free Again 🇺🇸


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