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📺 New Podcast! CHANNEL 17: The Truth Behind The Narrative - Episode 001

February 9, 2024

Current Events Through The Anon's Lens. Join us, as we connect the dots to see how the latest world news & events relate back to Q, Military Control, Continuity of Government and The Great Awakening.

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Highlights - in the interview Putin told hundreds of millions:

💊 Confirmed the CIA, the elites and the ruling class controls our Presidents and can override any decisions made by POTUS

💊 The CIA has been actively trying to sabotage the Russian government and he’s got receipts

💊 Explained the true nature of Ukraines lineage and how it’s always been a part of Russia. 

💊 That the CIA blew up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. 

💊 Showed that the “monster” Putin is the one that wants to talk and end the war, while the US is the one perpetrating it. 

💊 The US and Obama were responsible for the 2014 Color Revolution that overthrow the elected Ukrainian Government and has been actively interfering in elections there since 2008. 

💊 The Nazi ideology lives on and pointed to the Canadian Parliament and Zalensky applauding an actual Nazi last year. 

💊 The United States is Killing the US Dollar with its own Hands and implies the US is trying to Collapse the Country on Purpose. Spoke about de dollarisation. 

Russia down to 13% in USD. 

💊 Pointed out 34% of transactions in Rubels. ALREADY BACKED HIS CURRENCY IN GOLD

💊 The US is essentially a Propaganda factory.

The United States controls the the war of propaganda "Because the United States controls all the worlds media and many European media" essentially exposing OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD 

💊 They are operating in Ukraine to stop the war that the CIA started in 2014 and it’s being run by NEO NAZIS 

💊 He presented himself as the peacemaker, not the troublemaker. Going back to 1991 he tried to create unity and stability and the US rebuffed it. 

💊 The US is trying to “intimidate their population with an imaginary Russian threat”. “Thinking people know this is a fake” to EXTORT TAX MONEY FROM ITS CITIZENS 

💊 World security should be shared rather than saved for the Golden Billion. 

💊 Independent Journalism can save the world. 

The watch :17 second video:



Presidential Immunity

We don’t have a date for SCOTUS. It stands until then. 

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Thank you for a timely and memorable first show.

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