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🎥 New Veritas Video Shows of Zuckerberg Discussing Punishments for Facebook Whistleblowers

June 4, 2021 -#ExposeFacebook #FacebookExposed

Project Vertias continued their no-holds-barred ambush on Facebook.

On Friday, James O' Keefe's team published a leaked video of Mark Zuckerberg listing punishments for Facebook whistleblowers. Zuckerberg criticized insider Morgan Kahmann for blowing the whistle on Facebook’s effort to secretly censor Covid vaccine concerns on a global scale.

Zuckerberg said Facebook has a zero tolerance policy toward leakers.

The documents obtained by Project Veritas show Facebook’s efforts to curb “vaccine hesitancy” or “VH” in comments.

Melinda Davenport, Internal Communications Director for Facebook is seen on video complaining to Zuckerberg about Project Veritas.

“We need to find and terminate people who leak stuff,” Zuckerberg said. “And we’re very good at rooting out people who are leaking stuff.”


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