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Photos/Videos Show Undercover Feds Participating In Violence & Assault on 1/6

Taking lead from Revolver News, the National File investigated the matter of the US government's infiltration of patriot groups wherein the National File obtained exclusive footage and photos of the assault that depicted individuals who were working with/for the FBI, local police, or federal law enforcement

Suspicious man raises his foot to eventually kick Trump supporter in the face for trying to prevent violence by taking his pole away – Source: National File

This image shows a masked man who raised his leg to kick Trump's supporter in the face who was trying to take his pole away.

Suspicious man brings his leg down kick the Trump supporter in the face after failed attempts to take the pole from him – Source: National File

The following image is a depiction of "what appears to be individuals affiliated with the Patriot groups that had been seemingly infiltrated by the FBI, local police, or federal law enforcement ahead of the protest." These individuals are all wearing the same outfits as those men who kicked Trump supporters in the image above. These individuals were none other than those standing nearby and monitoring the violence from a distance.

Suspicious group of what appears to be Patriot group affiliates with potential ties to the FBI or federal law enforcement observing the violence to the left of the Capitol building doors – Source: National File

While the National File searched FBI records of January 6 suspects but could not find a single individual matching the description of the man seen in the images and other videos. Furthermore, "National File is not accusing any of the aforementioned individuals of being undercover government operatives, agents, or affiliates, or informants, as their identities have yet to be determined and it is currently unknown as to whether or not they’ve faced charges. National File is not accusing any known individual of committing a crime."

These were just a handful of them, there are more images with detailed explanations and proof of the involvement of the feds ahead of the Capitol storming on January 6, 2021.

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