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🎥 PLEASE SHARE: Lara Logan Speaks For The Jan 6th Political Prisoners - WE MUST SPEAK OUT!!

January 26, 2023

Award Winning Journalist Lara Logan and January 6th Prisoner Treniss Evans detail the unthinkable atrocities being inflicted on innocent American Patriots in a DC Gulag for over two years now.

Folks, in any other period of history, this would be regarded as the most unthinkable acts ever committed by the US Government on its own people. They have been denied all Constitutional rights, they have been tortured, kept in solitary confinement, denied basic hygiene, denied due process and kept in third world conditions. What's worse is that over 70% of these prisoners are former Military and Law Enforcement.

The treasonous media has ignored this story at the behest of a fraudulent, tyrannical Government of traitors. Sadly, because of the power that the media holds over Americans' consciousness, we have forgotten our own tortured neighbors being subjected to Crimes against humanity right in our Nation's Capital City.

It is time we wake up, stand up, SPEAK OUR MINDS and spread this word to our family, friends and neighbors.



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