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President Putin BANS Pedophilia-Infested Facebook: ‘Censorship Is Not Welcome in Russia’

February 26, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin banned Facebook on Friday, making good on his promise to hold the social media giant to account for their rampant pedophilia and censorship problem.

According to Russia’s media regulator, Roskomnadzor, as of February 25 Facebook will be inaccessible to users within Russia due to Meta/Facebook flagrantly breaching “fundamental human rights” by blocking Russian accounts, including those of major news agencies.

The move comes a day after Facebook suspended the official accounts of four Russian media outlets, including RIA news agency.

Last year, President Putin vowed to punish Facebook if they failed to remove pedophilia from the platform. He followed up with another warning to the U.S. social media giant, saying if they didn’t fix their biased censorship algorithm he would hold them legally responsible.

On Friday, Reuters confirmed that Putin had limited Facebook in response to rampant “censorship”.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

SOURCE: Reuters/Newspunch


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