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💊 Roku 'Red Pill' Network Shows Us More Breadcrumbs Leading to Executive Order Seizures

December 18, 2022

There is a brand new network making quite the wave on the Roku streaming platform called "Burrow." Its slogan is "we are the Red Pill Network". It has hundreds of full disclosure educational films from the Cabal to child sex trafficking.

Why do I highlight this as a win for the truth movement? Think about it - just this week alone - Two more massive Twitter File drops implicating the FBI in the greatest censorship scandal in US history AND the CIA being connected to the JFK assassination via the latest files being released from the National Archives on 12/15.

Do you really think EITHER of these events would happen if the Cabal were truly in control of our Government, as the media tells you?

Which scenario makes more sense?

A) A Cabal-controlled Federal Government allowed the release of the JFK files that were actually declassifed 20 years ago....NOW? They managed to roadblock these files for 20 years, yet NOW, at the hight of their corrupt "power", they let it out.


B) The fake administration has no power to stop anything that exposes their crimes and the treason of the deep-state controlled CIA and FBI that has assisted them? What is actually happening is that the White Hats are exposing this from behind the scenes to further sway pubic sentiment towards the truth. This is another step of preparing the public for the massive exposure ("DECLAS") that Q has promised.

I know what my choice is.....

There's no denying it - The exposure is happening at a pace that even the most ardent truther can barely keep up with.

But the exposure is not just limited to the headline-grabbing FBI/CIA exposure by the likes of Elon Musk. Everywhere the discerning eye looks, one can find very strong indicative evidence that the military Patriots are in control in far more ways than most realize. Combining the overt actions of folks like Musk with the less obvious overt actions on platforms by Roku paint a pretty clear picture that the Q team is proceeding into a full-speed operation of Disclosure to wake people up. These are necessary steps to stabilize public sentiment before any major, overt revelation of truth can take place on a worldwide scale.

👆 In a covert, psychological war, it’s imperative that you use your critical thinking and discernment to see what is happening behind the scenes. There is so much that the military cannot tell us, even as the closest civilians to the operation.

The military cannot tell the public that they have seized most of the mainstream media, the stock market, Hollywood production companies and yes, even big tech giants like Twitter. That’s what the “show” is going on at Twitter - a military takeover being masked, so the normies don’t get confused by a military takeover- it would freak them out.

If you watch the events taking place almost daily, you’ll find breadcrumbs like this one about Roku, everywhere.

Roku is a public company.

Vanguard is their 2nd largest shareholder.

Vanguard is owned by the Cabal at its highest levels.

Roku would NEVER Be allowed to host a network with Cabal disclosure films with the Cabal in control. This would only be possible with the cabal neutralized and the Patriots in full control of Roku under Executive Orders 13848 & 13818.

Remember folks, as "crazy" as it may seem, EO 13848 & 13818 gives Trump and the US Military every power needed to size control AND the assets of any person or company complicit in human trafficking or election interference. This includes those who financed these actions and those who produced and distributed propaganda to cover for these actions.

So yes, a company like Vanguard, which finances and owns controlling interest in most public corporations, would be at the top of the list to be seized for trafficking and election fraud crimes under the war powers designated by Trump's executive orders.

And I'll remind the readers - while the media told you that Biden rescinded 17 (yes 17 = Q) of Trump's Executive Orders on his "inauguration day", Jan 20, 2021, he failed to rescind the two executive orders that could take out his entire cabal-supported empire.

Furthermore, EO 13848 had a "sunset clause" on it - meaning, because it was declared on the basis of a National Emergency, it was set to expire with the emergency in September of 2021. So, why did "President" Biden EXTEND Executive Order 13848 on September 7, 2021? According to the Biden regime, there was no interference in the "most secure election ever" in November of 2020. Do you seriously think they would contradict themselves and at the same time renew the one executive order that gives the military the legal powers to take down the entire fraudulent cabal for election fraud? Come on folks...

The truth behind the narrative here is that we know Biden is not the President. We know the military is running the Devolved Government from the shadows and therefore, we know that it is the United States Military that extended this executive order on the Federal Register for public optics.

Whether it’s complicity in human trafficking, electronic fraud or both, we have it all. We own it all!


Read the executive orders and you will understand the significance of the very real, very legal powers that each creates during a time of war. Whether or not you choose to accept these realities is part of your individual awakening journey....



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