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The Broadening Pro-America Coalition

by Steve Cortes on SubStack November 5, 2022

This article was published by The National Pulse:

The America First movement continues to win over constituencies that previously predominantly pledged political allegiance to Democrats, from union workers to Hispanics. In addition, black Americans increasingly grow disillusioned with the liberal political establishment that takes their support for granted. A new crop of impressive and persuasive conservative black candidates emerges this cycle that could accelerate this movement with a significant GOP black caucus in the Congress.

Specifically, the GOP has a solid opportunity to emerge from November 8th with a total of nine representatives and senators, which would eclipse the previous high water mark from the Reconstruction era. Two of the most impressive of these rising black stars are John James and John Gibbs, both running for the US House, from Michigan.

Before detailing their strengths, note that our movement seeks an effortless diversity — not a dehumanizing quota fulfillment. We can never fall into the shallow leftist trap of simply viewing people as wholly defined by their immutable characteristics, such as skin color. As Americans, we all salute one glorious flag and bleed the same red blood of patriots.

Simultaneously, we recognize that important constituencies of the American family have shared cultural and demographic goals, challenges, and opportunities. In addition, growing this movement into the strongest political force in the Republic involves winning over groups that previously did not consider themselves to be right-leaning — or Republican.

Part of winning that voter support is presenting impressive candidates of the highest character and credentials. John James represents that combination superbly, and stands to win the newly created MI-10 congressional district in eastern Michigan.

James graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, beginning a career as a Ranger-qualified helicopter combat pilot. After serving America in the Iraq War, he returned home to Michigan to earn an MBA from the University of Michigan.

As a successful businessman and dedicated husband and father, James has never held political office before. But, previous races have sharpened his political skills, and he presently leads in polling for this seat. James earned the enthusiastic endorsement of President Donald Trump.

On the other side of the state in West Michigan. John Gibbs pulled off an incredible come-from-behind primary win to unseat an incumbent, always a tall task – an especially so for a first-time office-seeker like Gibbs. But speaking of “firsts,” John was the first in his family to attend college. Not just any college, mind you, but Stanford University, where he earned a degree in highly competitive computer science.

Gibbs’s smarts and hustle landed him on the fast-track in Silicon Valley where he worked for some of the biggest names in tech, including Apple, helping to launch the iPhone. But a calling higher than Big Tech led John to give up the worldly benefits of business success to become a Christian missionary to Japan. He learned that difficult language and immersed himself into the Far East before returning to America to earn another distinguished academic mark, this time a graduate degree from Harvard.

Upon entering public service, Gibbs served in top roles under Michigan-native Dr. Ben Carson at HUD, in Donald Trump’s administration, managing over 700 employees and an $8 billion annual budget as Acting Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development. Both Carson and Trump heartily endorsed Gibbs in his run for office.

Gibbs now faces off against a typical establishment liberal politician in the MI-03 race, Hillary Scholten. In fact, “the other Hillary” just received a massive campaign check from none other than Nancy Pelosi. Scholten also worked as a lobbyist for a far-left open-borders immigration group that supports so-called “sanctuary cities” and opposes ICE enforcement of deportations of dangerous illegal migrants.

Such radical Biden/Pelosi/Scholten policies clearly do not represent the people of West Michigan, who right now struggle with the twin created crises of runaway inflation and uncontrolled immigration.

On that topic of inflation, a recent USA Today study reported that rents in Grand Rapids, MI – in the heart of Gibbs’s district – saw a stunning annual rent increase of 30 percent year-over-year. Michigan also suffers from the 7th worst jobless rate in America, thanks to Joe Biden and the feckless state mismanagement of Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Clearly, the good citizens of Michigan need America First champions in Washington who will fight for their prosperity and security, rather than promote the prerogatives of the ruling class. Two such fighters are John James and John Gibbs. From a national perspective, these two Michigan candidates may well form key pillars to broaden this larger political movement.


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