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📺 The CIA’s Media Mind Control & PROGRAMming is Often Hidden in Plain Sight

November 13, 2022

The CIA  created the term “Conspiracy Theorist” post-JFK’s assassination in order to discredit and undermine the sanity of anyone claiming to have found the truth about the tragic events of November 22, 1963.

They then used their influence and control of the media and Hollywood, via programs like Operation Mockingbird, to manipulate the public’s perceptions of fact vs fiction.

As if their actions weren’t treasonous and disputable enough, they very often placed truth in plain sight, such as this scene from “Barney Miller” (1981, Season 7, Episode #8 - viewed, at the time, by over 7 million viewers).

The notion is simple Psychological manipulation. In this case, actor Jeffrey Tambor’s character is portrayed as your typical conspiracy theorist “nutcase”. The other characters are patronizing him and mocking him, as the audience laughs in mocking agreement.

What does this achieve? It subliminally molds the minds of the audience. At the time, in 1981, most Americans had never heard of the Trilateral Commission. Therefore, The simple plant of this perception into the minds of the audience helps ensure that they will forever view anyone who tries to tell them about the truth of the Trilateral Commission as “that crazy guy in Barney Miller.”  Even if they don’t cognitively connect the two, the imprint has been left in their subconscious.

The simple notion is that framing unknown truth within a fictional comedy show helps “program” the public to see it as such…FICTION.

Furthermore it serves a second purpose. It helps prevent exposure by suppressing those who may have known the truth, even back in 1981.

Groupthink dictates that as much as 65% of people may know the real truth behind a given “conspiracy”.  But most, if not all of that 65% will consistently fail to step up and boldly announce that truth, for fear of being ostracized by the rest of society (See also: the COVID psyop).

It’s time that we help society understand, process and digest the fact that nearly EVERYTHING we know to be true is a half-truth, massive manipulation of reality or an outright fabrication.

This world is very soon going to know everything that we do. There is going to be much revealed that will shock all of us as well.

We have all been prepared by God and the White Hats for this time in history.

Our jobs from here forward will be to help educate society, to ensure that this matrix is never allowed to control the minds of humanity ever again.

Context is EVERYTHING.


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