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The "Criminal COVID" Pandemic Continues to Ravage DC Elites

April 27, 2022

Since the beginning of the year, a very strange phenomenon has been taking place. Despite plummeting COVID cases, vaccinations and therapeutics, one group continues to be plagued by the plandemic.

Democrats. Elites. Actors. Singers. Mainstream Media Personalities. RINO's. All with known or rumored nefarious backgrounds. A quick check of Google (search "tests positive for COVID") will further show that these are the only notable people who have released public announcements of their diagnoses. Many have announced on the same day, except not because of their proximity.

Followers of the "Crazy Right Wing Q" movement will tell you that this is a code indicating these individuals have been detained, questioned and/or arrested by the US Military. I'll leave that for you to decide. One thing we have learned in recent years - there are no coincidences.

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