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🎥 The "Great Awakening" Documentary Directory: A List Of Videos All Should See

May 5, 2023

The Great Awakening represents all that is good with America, Patriotism and humanity worldwide. However, as with anything in life, nothing truly great happens without some degree of difficulty and pain. As we move further and further into the process, millions are waking up to the very difficult reality that virtually everything we have ever been told has been manipulated or an outright lie. My goal with this platform has always been to publish truth as I discover it myself during my own awakening process. As such, I recently came across an excellent list of documentaries that have been instrumental in helping us understand the truth about the world we live in. More can be found in our Documentaries Page (please excuse any duplicates). As always, I encourage everyone to SHARE this with anyone that you feel will find this information helpful.

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