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🎥 The "Great Awakening" Documentary Directory: A List Of Videos All Should See

May 5, 2023

Credit: Follow The White Rabbit on Telegram

The Great Awakening represents all that is good with America, Patriotism and humanity worldwide. However, as with anything in life, nothing truly great happens without some degree of difficulty and pain. As we move further and further into the process, millions are waking up to the very difficult reality that virtually everything we have ever been told has been manipulated or an outright lie. My goal with this platform has always been to publish truth as I discover it myself during my own awakening process. As such, I recently came across an excellent list of documentaries that have been instrumental in helping us understand the truth about the world we live in. More can be found in our Documentaries Page (please excuse any duplicates). As always, I encourage everyone to SHARE this with anyone that you feel will find this information helpful.

1. 2000 Mules by Dinesh D’Souza (Brand New 2020 Election Fraud Doc) (2022)🔥

2. What is a Woman? (New Documentary by Matt Walsh) (2022)🔥

3. Monopoly: Who Owns The World? (2021)🔥

4. Terrain: The Film Parts 1&2 (Covid-fakery Debates & Corruption exposed) (2022)🔥

5. Out of Shadows (2020) (Documentary on Creepy, MK Ultra Hollywood)🔥

6. Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda (Gates’ Vaccine Testing in Africa) (24-mins) (2022)🔥

7. The Truth About January 6th “Insurrection” (New 45-min Doc) (2022)🔥

8. Samadhi: The Illusion of the Self (Higher Consciousness documentaries—all 3 parts) (Advanced) (2017-21)🔥

9. Cell Phone Spying: Are Our Phones Listening to Us? (6-min Report)🔥

10. Fall of The Cabal Documentary Series (23-parts) (2022)🔥

11. Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World (30-min Doc) (2022)🔥

12. The Convex Earth: The Flat Earth Scientific Proof (1.5-hour) (2018)🔥

13. Out of Babylon (New Seminar) by David Lester Straight (Links to All Parts) (2022)🔥

14. Level 1: What is Earth? Perspective (Question Everything) (documentary) (2021)🔥

15. Level 2: The Next Level (What is Earth?) (Documentary) (2022)🔥

16. Dr. Emoto’s Water Experiment - Positive Energy & Negative Energy are real. Practice it. (6-mins)🔥

17. They Live: The Truth About MK-ULTRA & MK-NAOMI to Present Day Covid (1.5-hr doc) (2021)🔥

18. The Lost History of Earth (New) (fills-in missing gaps in Earth’s History, Pyramids, Architect, etc.) (5-hr Doc) (2021)🔥

19. The Empire of the Three City States: The Global Power Hierarchy that Rules the World (1-hr 15min) (2020) (Powerful)🔥

20. Route 91: Uncovering the Cover-Up of The Las Vegas Mass Shooting (2022)🔥

21. Government/CIA TV brainwashing Proof. MK Ultra, Operation Mockingbird. Creep-central (6-mins)🔥

22. Monsanto: The Most Evil Company in the World (full doc) (1hr 17min) (2022)🔥

23. Killing Russian Culture (27-min doc) (2022)🔥

24. The Plan: The WHO Agenda planning for 10 years of Plandemics (new 30-min doc) (2022)🔥

25. Vibes of Cosmos Documentary: 14 Topics - Episodes (Perspective On Earth & Moon) (2022)🔥

26. Tartaria Explained: The Irish Connection by Mind Unveiled (2022)🔥

27. Unmasked 2030 (full 2-hr doc, banking system to covid-vaxxes, Audio-only works great (2021)🔥

28. Frequency of Sound Affects & Is Connected to our Body, Mind, Soul & DNA (10-mins) 🔥

29. What on Earth Happened? (Ewaranon Missing Earth-History Documentary) (2021)🔥

30. The Secret Empire (Corruption of Power Documentary)🔥

31. JFK to 911: Everything’s a Rich Man’s Trick (2015) (History of Power Doc)🔥

32. JFK to 911: Everything’s A Rich Man’s Trick 2: The Sequel (2022)

33. Aware: Glimpses of Consciousness (1hr 40min doc) (2021)🔥

34. The Story of Plastics (How We Destroy our Earth) (1.5-hr doc) (2020)🔥

35. Elon Musk: The Occulted Family History (27-min doc) (2022)🔥

36. Ring of Power 1: Empire of the City (correcting History Ancient Egypt > 911) (5-hour Doc) (2008)🔥

37. Playboy: Boyplay? (Two 1-hour Episodes) (2022))🔥

38. George Floyd —> BLM Conspiracy Documentary (35-mins) (2021)🔥

39. Watch The Water: Covid Snake Venom Theory Documentary (2022)🔥

40. Stolen History Documentary (Three Parts = 3hr 45mins) (2021)🔥

41. Mask Danger: The Affects of Masks on Health (28-min Doc) (2022)🔥

42. InterReflections by Peter Joseph (2020) (Progressive Society Documentary, what if Free Energy?)🔥

43. Rockefeller Medicine (2021 Documentary) (Mr. Truthbomb: Death of the Deep State Series)🔥

44. Tucker Carlson’s Patriot Purge: Jan 6th “Insurrection” doc (brand new, dropped 10/30/21)🔥

45. Brainwash U: The War on the Mind (Documentary on Hollywood Mind Control)🔥

46. 5G Apocalypse: Extinction Event (5G Doc) (2022)🔥

47. House of Numbers: What really happened with HIV/AIDS? (1.5-hr) (New, Full Documentary) (2021)

48. Zeitgeist by Peter Joseph (2008) (Money System Documentary - must watch mins 4-25)🔥

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