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🟨 The Optics Underneath the Surface - Making Sense of The Current Chaos

May 5, 2023

Originally Published April 12, 2023

We are living through a strange time. The best we can do is attempt to make sense of the chaos. I break down the optics from my perspective of both sides of the secret war taking place. Enjoy!

We are living through a very strange time. The fog of war is thick and unsettling. War is a complicated matter. Typically war is fought over land, power, and riches. The war we face now is unlike any war in history. To sum it up: good is clashing against evil for the freedom of mankind. The current World War 3 conflict is primarily not a boots-on-ground conflict. Psychological warfare is at the forefront.

The majority of everything we see play out on the main stage is centered on the battle for the mind of the people. The Cabal has been brainwashing every single person’s mind since the moment they were born. In order to disconnect the people from the very system they were born into: they must have their sphere of influence invaded. Imagine we are all plugged into the Matrix system like in the movie, each person individually in a pod being programmed and harvested. The only way to truly be freed from the pod is through awareness. First, someone must recognize the pod/system that they are held prisoner in before the notion of becoming free even comes into play.

So we come to the question of how can a small group of good people set free the world’s people from their pods - The Q plan. Well, once upon a time these patriots were also under the system. How were they set free? Many of them were/are in government, the Military, or part of the Intelligence Community. We can’t be totally sure who exactly is in the Q team besides just a few. We can speculate that what freed these people is the same exact strategy they are using to help the world, which is: they saw and felt the evil firsthand of the Cabal in some form. Being in the “know” of what was really happening at the top levels of government could only lead to a strong understanding of the Cabal.

When looking at the big picture of why people have been so ignorant of the realities of evil we have to understand that the system itself they are plugged into is designed to keep people focused on everything but the evil. They hand-feed the people with idols to worship, entertainment to consume, and jobs that depress and keep weight on their shoulders.

Q Drop # 36, we see clearly that the Q team had a backup plan if their efforts failed in 2016. As you can imagine such a massive Military plan to remove an entire corrupt system would have a backup plan.

Trump had to get elected in order to proceed to their best version of the plan, which I personally believe is what we are seeing play out now. The real question is: what is the “unthinkable” Q is referencing here? In my opinion, it is that they would forcefully arrest the Luciferians and have to disregard The Great Awakening. This would have led to God knows what consequences for Humanity like possibly Nuclear war, Civil war.

Imagine the sheep (including many of us who didn’t understand the depths of evil) watching the politicians and celebrities they love being arrested and being told they are pedophiles, and Satanists, and that they had a plan to lower the population to a mere fraction of what it is now (16-year plan.) It would have been chaos and extremely detrimental to life as we know it. But of course, it would have been preferable to what the 16-year plan had in store for us.

Without the knowledge and awareness of evil, the brainwashed plugged-in people would have fought on behalf of the slavemasters. They would have thought it was all lies. As exhausting as it’s been for so many of us to endure these years, this is truly the best timeline for Humanity.

My objective with this article is to hopefully bring some clarity through the fog of war - and that comes by understanding the game of optics.

The most confusing part so many get tripped up on in this war is hearing the words of people they perceive to be on the side of Good, versus what we know about the Q plan. It’s tricky, and I am subject no different from you to deal with the confusion of things. I am not an insider, I am just a regular guy trying to make sense of the chaos. With that being said, I’m going to share my understanding of the warfare landscape as I see it.

Optics (Optical) has to do with perception and awareness. Both Cabal and White Hats MUST play the game of optics.

Great Awakening Optics

As I’ve pointed it: this war centers around freeing the people, otherwise known as The Great Awakening. For lack of a better term, the people are sheep being led to the slaughter, and White Hats have had to (and continue to do so) show the sheep the path they are on with the least damage to society possible, that’s why it’s called being brought to the precipice because mankind has to come as close to the New World Order as possible to shock the sheep awake without actually being submerged by the totality of it.

Yes, the plan is pretty intense and drastic, this reveals just how drastic the sheep are sleeping. Whenever White Hats who are either on the Q team or directly involved with Q in some form they must take two important things into consideration for their public presence and public words - The most important is how the masses perceive their actions. The second most important optics is how the Cabal perceives their actions. White Hats have had to carefully balance the line between these two categories.

When diving into the waters of warfare optics it cannot be stressed enough that there is the surface level of events happening, and then there is the behind the scenes actions taking place. Both are useful to try and understand.

To the public, the White Hats are no more than politicians in the fake war of “Left versus Right.” The Cabal hinges on people being caught up in the division of the surface-level battle of politics. And anyone who just simply doesn’t care about politics (I don’t blame them) is even less aware of the true nature of what’s going on, at least being involved in the surface-level left vs right battle there’s a minor understanding of the Cabal. In order for the White Hats to be effective in the Awakening process they must play on this battlefield. Think about what these Patriots have to do… they are setting traps, precedents, leading the people to the awareness of the Cabal, and dealing with the dangerous animal that is the Cabal all at the same time.

White Hat Optics

What would happen to the sheep if the White Hats came right out and told them bluntly what was really going on? In my view, the sheep would retreat further in their shells due to thinking they are crazy. Reality is - yes, this is pretty crazy stuff. The Awakening process needs to be somehow gentle in nature, or else the people will reject it outright. Those who are awake to the truth right now have to have a great deal of patience while the sheep slowly take red pills from countless different angles.

Donald Trump is Q+. Trump is the most consequential man to the plan on Earth. The Mainstream Media has tried to bait him (but have not directly asked him if he’s Q or Q+) into either saying “he is Q” or rejecting Q and the Anons altogether, yet he has not taken the bait. They never say Q or Anons, it’s always “Qanon.” Trump sidesteps the question each time brilliantly. He gives the sheep just enough to believe Q could be true without straight up embracing the truth publicly. Breadcrumbs.

Let’s look at some specific examples of how White Hats play the optics game.

What really happened during the madness of Covid? The Cabal pushed out a virus that had many purposes in terms of warfare. They could strip freedoms, prevent Trump from winning the 2020 election due to mail-in-ballots (rigging the election,) they could put Trump and other White Hats in a difficult position where they are the ones on defense, and simultaneously get back on track to the 16-year plan.

So how did the White Hats respond to being backed into a corner? They were forced to play the game on the Cabal’s court. Instead of folding, they appeared weak when they were really strong. White Hats had to do uncomfortable things. They told the public to wear masks. Sheep respond to fear. The Cabal uses fear and shame tactics, the sheep felt comfortable wearing masks and getting vaccines. Trump had to usher in ‘Project Warpspeed’ in order to not let the Cabal win. If the Cabal had their way we would still currently be under lockdowns and it would have perfectly served them to install the full power of the NWO that they sought.

We see something very similar to what happened with Covid in the war in Ukraine. I don’t need to sit here and go over the depths of corruption in Ukraine and how Putin is not the bad guy in the conflict. People reading this are aware of the Bio-labs and the fact that Zelensky is just a puppet for the Elite Illuminati system there. The Cabal immediately used the full power of the brainwashing system to get all of the sheep to agree to “stand with Ukraine” despite the actual facts of the situation.

How did White Hats respond to yet again another situation where on the surface level they “had to play on their court?” White Hat's strategy was very similar to how they responded to Covid. They played the game and pretended (and still pretend for the most part) that Putin is bad, and that Ukraine is being unjustly attacked. They strategically pin all the negative on the corrupt deep-state players.

Any play the Cabal makes always comes back to the White Hats pinning the crimes on the Cabal players. In the sphere of public perception, the Patriots remain unbiased and not at fault.

We can attribute these brilliant tactics of optics to who appears to remain in power - the Biden Administration. On the surface, the 2020 election was stolen and that’s that. Underneath the surface ‘The Plan’ needed the election to be stolen for many reasons. Of the primary reasons I think the most important one was to have a constant vehicle on which to pin the precipice.

If Donald Trump had “been in office” all this time, the optics for White Hats would have been terrible. The Cabal would have had endless ammo to put Trump into positions of being in a corner. Instead, we see Trump and other White Hats working behind the scenes with seemingly more power to effectively red pill the sheep than if they had been in a “visual” seat of power.

While the people are being brought to a place of change (freedom,) they are actively slowly seeing who is truly responsible for the misfortunes of this world. Going deeper, they start to see that it is not merely a lack of judgment these leaders of the world have, but that there is a dark agenda.

The good guys in this mess are simply playing the Art of War, which is centered around deception toward your enemies. When weak, appear strong. When strong, appear weak.

Cabal Optics

As much as the White Hats play optics for public perception, so do the Black Hats, except they have been doing it for far longer (think ‘Royal Family,’ Rothschilds, etc.) While these evil people and their henchmen puppets worship evil entities behind the scenes they have always tried to keep a wholesome public image. Many of them claim to be Christian and Catholic. Obama went to various churches during his presidency and acted like a man of God. They say the word “God” on occasion to fool people, the thing is that they aren’t technically lying when they speak of God, the question becomes who is God to them? These people are Satanists, they are referring to their God and possibly even referring to themselves because Satanism is the worship of self in some form.

In their world, they are gods over the people. They want people to worship them, so they have portrayed themselves as being people worthy of worship to the public eye (in their twisted viewpoint.) Or at least that is how it was in previous years to the Q plan.

The Cabal plan was based on pacing a slow entanglement of the decay of society and bringing the NWO into play. The problem with their optics is that the closer they got to the fulfillment of their plans, the more confident they became that they were untouchable. Q has used their arrogance against them. With each and every major event that has taken place in the last 10 years or so the bad actors have been exposing their true thoughts and true selves in the way they try and fight off the White Hats.

Symbolism will be their downfall because when someone is a Satanist they have to somehow express that side of themselves. They love to play with their food. It could be a company logo, it could be in their Hollywood music videos or movies, and they somehow manage to incriminate themselves. Generally, this wasn’t a problem for them until recent times when a certain group of awakened minds started digging into everything imaginable relating to the Cabal. When we really break down the things these Cabal players say, we can even see that they openly talk about their true motivations but it is lost on sheep. Sheep cannot decipher their words to their true thoughts because as I said earlier, it’s pretty insane to come to the conclusion that these people are not even a little bit like who they portray themselves to be.

The Cabal uses the Mainstream Media like an industrial machine of false perception. They tell whatever stories they desire in whatever fashion they like because in the past there has been no accountability. How could the Cabal have been held accountable for their actions when they are the ones who hold all the keys?

Mainstream Media isn’t just the primary news outlets on TV, I would also classify a majority of internet sources as MSM. You can see how they can form a public opinion through a cog in internet articles and websites. Different companies like Google and Youtube get to decide what is allowed to be seen. They can make anyone look bad or good and sheep will eat it right up. Cabal Politician being exposed? No problem, just send out the memo to cover it up and censor alternate opinions.

Here’s the good part.

When it comes to the optics of the Cabal since the day Donald Trump announced his presidential run (declaration of war,) they have struggled immensely to maintain their public image. The further we’ve dived deeper into the process of Awakening the people, the more difficult it becomes for the Luciferians to conceal themselves. They become more unhinged and impulsive in their decision-making the more pressure that White Hats put on them. Eventually the Cabal won’t be able to walk down the streets when the people are aware of the evil.

The Storm Optics

The Storm is referring to the final justice stage of this “movie.” It’s very difficult to say what The Storm will actually look like by the end of this. We have breadcrumbs from the Q drops. From the breadcrumbs I’ve seen, I can speculate a small amount about what the optics of The Storm will look like.

As we can see in a few of the first Q posts POTUS will have to maintain a certain public image during indictments.

Q Drop #2

Q Drop #4

For the Cabal there just simply won’t be any more optics. When the game ends and they are being put to justice in whatever way the White Hats deem necessary, they will have no saying in how their public image is represented.

But, optics will definitely not be over for the White Hats. Remember that the public needs to be able to digest the reality of these crimes against humanity that the Cabal has committed. The Q team needs to ensure that the people will not reject justice, and an even deeper truth is that this is a very long-term solution to corruption. The world can NEVER forget what happened. You might say - “well what’s to stop another evil secret society from rising to power again in say… 100 years?” My answer to this question would be that White Hats and more specifically God has kept this in the equation for how this process has taken place.

In previous times in Human history, the Cabal could have been defeated but it would have just been a moment in time left to dust for future generations to discard what happened. The internet will never forget what has happened. And just to top it off, White Hats don’t plan to revert to just the system we’ve been under our whole lives. I can’t say I know or understand what they have in mind for the replacement of our system (government, etc,) but knowing the way they have dealt with the Goliath that is the Cabal, I trust they have it all planned it out and they won’t fail us.


One last thing I’d like to talk about is the channels of information. What are the Q drops really? They are Intelligence. Intelligence works both ways. While Q has provided us with an incredible amount of inside information, as anyone who has followed the drops for a while could tell you - the Cabal also looks at the drops.

Q Drop #1287

With that being said, often we have to take the drops with a grain of salt. Q could structure a drop by hinting information to us (the anons) but also be playing warfare against the Cabal in the same drop.

We also have to take into account that the Q team are just human beings like you and me. They have not transcended human error somehow. Yes, they have some form of future technology that lets them see (looking glass) things we cannot. White Hats are extremely precise with their plan. But all who walk this Earth are subject to mistakes in some form. I do believe that all the Q drops are carefully crafted down to every detail. I’m not saying they are subject to error too to make you think that there’s a possibility they could lose (they cannot because God Wins,) I’m saying this because at the end of the day, we have to take back free thought on every level. Q is not God. I can say with 100% confidence that Q would not want to be seen as an idol to worship. That is the opposite of what Q’s mission has been (showing the people to break free from groupthink and people worship.)

As much as we want to decipher the entirety of the plan and understand who is on our side or not - some things cannot be known at the present time. Operators never divulge. True White Hats will not reveal their positions fully at this time to the public. This is the game of optics. As much as it might frustrate some this is just the way it has to be right now.

When this movie is wrapped up will the White Hats ever share their story in the way we desire? I hope they share as much as possible. My opinion on this is that many things that have happened in this war will simply be unnecessary to reveal, their job won’t be done after this war. They still have to rebuild society from the ground up. I assume White Hats will share their true thoughts in some form, but at the caution of the way things have to be, they will conceal certain matters and hold it to their graves for the betterment of humanity.

I hope for their sake that others can rise up to take the mantle of responsibility at some point for these heroes. I hope they can find rest after the weight of the world has been placed on their shoulders. So many of these patriots have sacrificed everything for the world to be fixed, a true hero doesn’t need validation for doing the right thing. But I know, that even if they may not seek it, they will be honored forever for what they’ve done.


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