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The Sad Reality: Freedom of Speech is Dead

As I prepared for another new week in “America: 1984”, I couldn’t help but notice the growing number of benign political blogs and websites that have been replaced by notices like this:

And now, just for good measure, add the first country to lose its right to freedom of speech in a span of three weeks. For the fundamental right that’s been stitched in the fabric of America’s existence for over 200 years has been steamrolled with the speed of the blitzkrieg.

We now live in a country where one can lose his or her job, diploma, bank account, credit cards, website, social media access, video hosting, photos, videos, documents, girlfriend, husband, wife, friend or god knows what else just for the crime of disagreement.

As bad as that sounds, many of us would consider ourselves fortunate to escape with just a loss. So many others are been harassed, assaulted, beaten, or even killed. Innocent Americans are being labeled as domestic terrorists and insurgents by the very people elected to lead them. Their media henchmen are all too happy to frame anyone that doesn’t adhere to their doctrine.

When will people in this country start paying attention to what’s happening? When will people actually start to get mad ?

The final score will be the same whether you’re Democrat or Republican, because we all lose. Put yourself in the shoes of your “moral enemies” for a moment. Is there any doubt they won’t find a new way to reverse the roles In the future?

This toxic cycle will only continue unless there is a fundamental change in how Americans distinguish between truth and fiction. It’s not possible for 50% of the country to be completely delusional. And I could be safe from either sides perspective.

Without the will to fight off apathy and a commitment to transparency and accountability, notices like these will become a very real part of every America‘s censure culture.

Thats is a slippery slope with an often tragic ending.


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