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The Same Guys Who Brought You Opioids Are Now Bringing You COVID Vaccines 💉 💊

Anybody who has been living in the United States for the last couple of decades is painfully aware of the opioid crisis. Big Pharma, in the interest of making a boatload of cash, convinced Americans to take massive quantities of addictive painkillers, lied about the health effects, and destroyed communities from coast to coast. The financial cost of the opioid epidemic was stated to be just over 1 trillion dollars in 2017. Settlements are now being reached with the key players, which run into the tens of billions of dollars.

What most Americans don’t understand is that the exact same companies settling lawsuits for their roles in the opioid crisis are the ones pushing COVID vaccines and demanding you “trust them.”

The sea of lawsuits across the country against Big Pharma has been largely consolidated into a single case in federal court for settlement purposes. At the heart of this matter are four defendants, McKesson Corporation, Cardinal Health, Inc, AmerisourceBergen Corporation, and Johnson & Johnson. The defendants are accused of a wide range of wrongdoing, but perhaps the most egregious allegation against them is best summed up in pleadings by New York State.

“Each Manufacturer Defendant spent millions of dollars over the following decade to push these fraudulent messages. They pushed their own name-brand drugs by “detailing” their sales representatives to target susceptible doctors with in-person visits, flooding medical publications with deceptive advertisements, and offering consumers discount cards to entice them to request treatment with their products. And they collaborated to promote the overall expansion of the opioid market by sponsoring misleading Continuing Medical Education (“CME”) seminars and manipulating seemingly independent organizations (“Front Groups”) that the manufacturers funded and disguised as “unbiased” sources of cutting-edge medical research and information. Both the Front Groups and CME seminars depended on co-opted doctors—so-called “Key Opinion Leaders” (“KOLs”) — that the manufacturers recruited and paid. BLOOMBERG NEWS

These four companies, all of which have now agreed to settle and pay billions of dollars into a fund to compensate victims, conspired to push false information about the health effects of the drugs they were pushing. This included a broad campaign involving the deliberate use of paid “experts” to mislead the public and create the impression that the products they were peddling were safe and to discredit anyone who said the contrary.

Sound familiar?

McKesson will pay $7.9 billion dollars for its role in poisoning and deceiving Americans. It now has a “pivotal role” in supporting U.S. Government COVID-19 vaccine efforts. It is operating as a “centralized distributor” for COVID-19 vaccines. According to the company, as of July 31, 2021, it had distributed 185 million vaccines to sites around the country. The company is also involved in the distribution of vaccines worldwide.

Cardinal Health will pay $6.4 billion for its part in destroying American communities. With no sense of shame or irony, it describes its role in the current COVID-19 vaccine effort this way.

“Cardinal Health is an essential link in the supply chain, and our scale, breadth, and expertise make us a critical partner. What we do matters, and we are committed to supporting our customers when they need us. We are engaging with all stakeholders, including our customers, suppliers, employees, and local, federal, and state government partners, to support the dissemination of COVID-19 vaccines in the most resilient and effective manner possible. CARDINAL HEALTH

AmerisourceBergen will pay $6.4 billion for its involvement in turning millions of Americans into addicts and lying to the public. It is now working directly with the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control in the distribution and marketing of COVID-19 vaccines.

Johnson and Johnson will pay $5 billion for its part in creating a nation of addicts. It did not simply push dangerous drugs. It manufactured them.

Now, that same company is making one of the “approved” COVID vaccines. It expects to earn upwards of $10 billion from the sale of that vaccine this year alone.

At the heart of the opioid crisis was not simply corporate malfeasance. There was also government corruption. The government agencies that were supposed to be protecting the public and preventing the marketing of dangerous drugs were ‘bought and paid for’. The regulators looked the other way. They conspired with the criminals who sold dangerous drugs to Americans and lied about their impact.

And, when it all came crashing down and the truth came out, these government agencies stood by and did nothing. All four of the key companies that turned countless Americans into addicts are still in business and making more money than ever. Most incredibly of all they are working hand in glove with the supposed regulatory agencies to push new drugs and to assure us – as they did for years before – that these medications are safe.

Before the ink is even dry on settlement agreements requiring the payment of tens of billions of dollars in damages for lives ruined, Big Pharma and their lackeys at the CDC and the FDA are back at it, pushing new drugs that will produce profits that will dwarf even those produced at the height of the opioid crisis.

You may decide to trust the pharmaceutical industry.v I am not eager to put my life in the hands of men and women who have been shown to be effectively drug pushers to an entire nation. I choose to remember.

The same guys who brought you opioids are now bringing you COVID vaccines. Not to worry…

SOURCE: AND Magazine


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