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🎥 The Truth About Adrenochrome, Human Trafficking and Why The Mainstream Ignores It

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

This is possibly the most important video we have ever come across. It has been de-platformed by YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and ignored by the mainstream media. Ask yourself, why?

PLEASE 🇺🇸 For the Children of America, watch, learn and most importantly....SHARE EVERYWHERE!


This particular broadcast is not for you. We're going to get into some deep subjects, so just be ready to decide it's not for you and it'll be completely understandable. Whether human or animal blood sacrifice has long been part of the rituals of many cultures, and it was discovered that after consuming the fresh adrenaline saturated blood of a terrified victim, participants could experience a type of high off of the adrenaline, which could include increased senses, hallucinations and feelings of euphoria, sometimes assigning a supernatural causality to the effects.

Eventually, the precise timing was worked out so that the victim would be killed. At the moment, the maximum amount of adrenaline had been pumped into the body. This knowledge was passed down through secret societies, ancient mystery schools, intergenerational satanic cults. When they talk to the children, it causes a physical reaction at the end of morphine in your body just increased because of the terror and pain. Users drink the blood. They actually get like a chemical, a high, like a drug high from the blood of a torture victim.

So they these entities are feeding off human energy. And one of the things that they do is when they're sacrificing somebody, the people with invisible like sickness and the bloodlines, they'll drink the blood because when the terror reaches a certain point in the ritual, a certain adrenaline goes in the blood, which give these people a high. I mean, sick is not the word, but on another level, an energetic level, the entities are feeding off the energy coming off of terror and fear.

Most satanic sacrifices include some consumption of the blood and possibly even body parts. Even more disturbingly, some of these groups make a point of preferring the blood of children, believing it to be more potent. Another reason the elite drink children's blood is for its known rejuvenating effects. Why do you think some of these old Illuminati Satanist live so long? It turns out that drinking children's blood is an anti aging device. This is just really sick and disgusting, but it's a fact.

It's a chemical fact. And if you drink adrenalized children's blood, which is to say you terrorize the child not just with sodomy but with torture and with other satanic ritual things, if you adrenalized the child's blood before you kill them and drink their blood. This is a doubly effective anti aging device. You can also harvest children's bone marrow. So children are being killed for their bone marrow as an anti aging device for the league. I don't make this stuff up.

It's gone off throughout history. This is not the. Today, many of the satanic elite are addicted to drinking adrenalized blood. Any animal that is tortured at the time of his death secretes all this the home, and that is his powers. It's a drug that is a drug, and these people are addicted to it and they call upon interdimensional demonic forces or to help do their bidding. They also believe anyway, that they have increased power and perhaps they do.

Numerous survivors have attested to satanic sex, engaging in ritualistic consumption of adrenalized blood, experiencing a high from the adrenaline when they go to murder a child. They make sure the child is terrified, so they pump the adrenaline through the blood. And they then they like to drink blood and a lot of this is actually a science when you analyze it, there's a science behind the maglis. According to researcher Curth Barker, author of the book Cannibalism, Blood Drinking and High End up singing is a well organized cult.

Members systematically abduct people, torture them to adrenalized their blood, harvest that blood in drinking. He goes on to state that some professional harvesters acquire adrenalized blood to sell. Of artists such as Kesha perform mock blood drinking rituals on stage. Adrenalized blood, however, is not the end. Like other addicts seeking a stronger hit, some prefer the purest, most potent form into a drink across. The rumors secret Illuminati drug, technically, it's a chemical compound used in the human body when a tritle oxidizers, it was first mentioned as a recreational drug obtained from a Satanist in Hunter S.

. Thompson's book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Where'd you get this? No. Money is absolutely pure record for this time. Satanism free stuff on the ground from a living human body. I know. Didn't have any cash. The you said it would take me higher than I've ever been. I was kidding. All right, so I just don't have an ounce of so pure. Or maybe just the crown chew on, some say his account was purely fictional, however, Thompson was an expert at combining fiction with heavy doses of truth.

And Thompson certainly would know he himself has been accused of being involved in snuffle operations for the Illuminati elite in this raw form, Adrianna Crome is known to cause extreme hallucinations, feelings of empowerment for euphoria. How is the chemical extracted? A victim is Terry. Either being tortured or knowing they're going to be sacrificed, increasing the amount of adrenaline that is flowing through their body. They are then killed in the arena. Chrome is collected with a syringe from the base of the neck or spinal column, according to research and offer from Spring.

Meyer, a human victim, only produces around 10 cases of anthrax. So once it's collected, the drug can be sold on the black market and corners of the dark web. Exorbitant prices. I'm sorry, I know this is a very difficult broadcast for you to watch. It's a very difficult broadcast to make my stomach literally turning when I watch a clip like that. Q has talked about this for a number of years.


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