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The Walls Close in: Dems, Bidens, Elites - They're Won't Be Able to Escape Crimes Against Humanity

June 13, 2022

Okay it’s time to address an issue I see every single time I post something about the DNC and their international biological network.

Every time a handful of people say:

-“it’s not the DNC it’s the Uniparty!”

-“dont forget McCain and Romney!”

-“make sure to add the GOP!”

Firstly, my posts are long enough as it is, so every time I talk about who runs the biological network you expect me to say: “the upper echelons of the DNC, and Mitt Romney, and John McCain, and Marco Rubio, and Lindsay Graham, and George Soros, and Bill Gates, and Pfizer, and Moderna, and Rockefellers, and Rothschilds, …. etc etc and a whole lot more.”

I’m not doing all that every single time. So when I say “DNC” that’s because the Russian Military, the people who went to war and lost lives over these allegations of a US biological weapons network, said it themselves that this entire biological network was formulated and run by, and I quote, “The US Democratic Party”. See the photo above.

So when I say “DNC” that’s not my bias, that’s what the Russian Military said and printed, verbatim, a plethora of times. And the Chinese Military agreed with the findings. So if you have an issue with the terminology of “DNC” don’t tell me, tell Putin and Xi because I’m not the one who came up with it.

Also, for clarity I’m not a Republican, I’m a Libertarian, so I am not trying to save face for the GOP. In fact, I think the GOP are largely useless and spineless scum. But just because McCain and Romney have (R) next to their names, doesn’t make them Republicans. These people vowed their servitude to the DNC, the DNC agenda, and the global entity that controls them, the Deep State.

Say for example a Chinese spy infiltrated the US. Is he US now? No, he’s still a Chinese spy just acting as if he’s American, taking orders from China. Such is the case with Romney and McCain. They worked for the DNC and the plan was carried out by the DNC. Just because they had agents working within the GOP, doesn’t mean the GOP is going to share some of this blame for a plan facilitated by Obama, Hillary, Biden and Soros. Absolutely fucking not.

Not to mention the media, our number 1 enemy, who controls them? It’s certainly not the GOP. All the people who went great lengths to cover up this biological network, shame and censor any and everyone who talked about; they are all bought and owned by the DNC. Surely at this point no one needs a lesson on the DNC infection of MSM.

Also look at it culturally. The brainwashed libs who support the DNC, these people have been proudly shaming and ostracizing anyone who talks about anything they don’t like. All of those people who feel justified in their malice towards us, THEIR LEADERS, are the ones responsible for worldwide genocide and bioterrorism. The libs aren’t footing any of the bill on us Conservatives. Our leader tried to tell everyone these people were psychotic war criminals and they called us nazis and banned us from speaking or going in public.

So all of you saying the “GOP/Uniparty” are also to blame for this… miss me with that bullshit. The messiahs of the DNC, the most powerful DNC families, the last 3 DNC presidents/last 4 candidates, all of them are the main ideologues behind a plot to engage in worldwide genocide via bioterrorism, as per the Russian and Chinese Governments/Militaries.

The DNC aren’t going to weasel their way out of taking full blame for their crimes against humanity.

Not a fucking chance.

-Clandestine on SubStack

Link to slides from Russian Military Briefing

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