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🟨 Thinking Critically: What REALLY Happened on CNN During Trump’s “Town Hall”

May 12, 2023

In case you missed it, President Donald Trump stepped into the Mockingbird Media's lions den, CNN, on Wednesday night for a live, prime time "town hall" event.

What happened was nothing short of the most epic fake news takedown in televised history.

If you were triggered by the event, If you are asking “does she really believe what she is saying?”, If you are at all upset by what just transpired, you’re not paying attention…

This was a VERY obvious white hat production on CNN tonight.


1) Why did CNN decide to give their arch nemesis a 90 minute prime time campaign commercial disguised as a “town hall”?

2) Why are we suddenly holding town halls for the “leading candidate” 18 months before the election?  Go back and see if any networks did this in previous years. Spoiler: they didn’t.

3) Why would CNN not capitalize on the opportunity to sprinkle in even ONE anti Trump voter in the audience?  Why wouldn’t they sprinkle in even ONE “gotcha” question, especially since they touted that nothing was “off the table?”

4) If you were paying attention, those weren’t “voters” questions. They were all typed in the same font on the same size pieces of paper. They were written by the producers.

So why would the “cabal” producers write questions that setup Trump to deliver key points from his exact rally speech, while simultaneously debunking every fake news Trump talking point from the last 18 months?

5) Why would the host make even Savannah Gutherie cringe by being so rude, biased and clueless that she was getting heckled by the crowd by the end?  She literally teed him up to destroy every talking point she kept trying to hammer home.

6) That was nothing short of a complete embarrassment for CNN, their cabal masters and the 50,000 woke viewers they have remaining, just as we all predicted. Do you really think that we all saw this coming and the management of CNN didn’t?  Come on now.

So who REALLY produced this town hall tonight? 😏

That’s correct.

The military controls CNN… and:

You are watching a movie 🍿

But there's more....

After Trump finished embarrassing CNN, the voters continued the barrage…

Again people, let’s think critically. Look back on all you have learned about the media. Operation Mockingbird, the selective editing, the manipulated videos, the false statistics. Before the mass awakening in recent years, This organization had just completed years of one of the most complex and effective brainwashing operations in human history.

Do you seriously believe they would have “allowed” last night to happen the way it did?

You are watching a movie 🍿

The white hats control CNN.

If you are able to ignore the clown show that’s designed for the sleepers and see what is REALLY happening beneath the surface, you will be less stressed and more optimistic about the direction in which we are headed.

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1 Comment

Would have been awesome to see Mark Zucker, Fredo and Don Lemon in handcuffs being perp walked by the Grim Reaper in the background. LOL

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