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🎥 US Home Builder Index Crashes - Truth vs Narrative: The Economy

September 19, 2022

The National Association of Home Builders Sentiment Index has now crashed from 84 to 46 since January, further signaling a major housing recession.

Add this all to… - Inflation continues to run hot at 8.3%: - 1 in 6 US Households are in danger of having their utilities shut off for non-payment. - 52% of large corporations have layoff plans in place already - 35% of small businesses are behind on rent payments - Consumer sentiment is at an all-time low - The stock & bond markets are crashing concurrently (stagflation) - Mortgage rates hit a 14-year high and mortgage applications are down by 65% from last year. - The US Dollar is dangerously close to losing its status as the World's Prime Reserve Currency - Core Inflation items (food, utilities, fuel) are up 24% - Real wages have declined for 17 straight months - Credit card debt levels are near record highs

Compare the analyses and data in this video to the fabricated narrative being presented in the "news". The lies and deception by the Financial Media has reached a new level of pure dystopian insanity.

Credit: Steve Cortes: Steve Bannon:

America, it’s long past time to wake up and STAND UP! 🇺🇸

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