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WATCH: New Videos Show Protestors Begging Capitol Police To Stop Violence

File this one under the 'truth doesn't exist' anymore category. This is what really occurred on Jan 6th. How do I know? I watched the events with my own two eyes. But you didn't need to be anywhere near DC to bear witness to the events. Most of the media cartel seems to pretend Americans didn't watch these events in real-time. Events that couldn't be manipulated, edited, cut, twisted and changed to meet the criteria for a story about the "angry mob of violent Trump insurrectionists that attacked the nations capitol."

But the left and their media cartel seems to think we are still living in the 60's. They seem to think that they can suppress the truth in a world where every American has a production studio in the palm of their hands. A studio with the ability to instantly connect with the WORLD. They can lie to our faces all they want. They can cheat, skew, gaslight and manipulate. But in the end, the TRUTH WILL emerge.


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