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Who is 'Q'? Part Three: He's One of Them!

April 14, 2022 | Chris Paul on SubStack

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A few months after first looking into Q, I was banned from Twitter and Instagram for posting conspiracy theories that are all now proven and accepted facts. None of what I was posting was related to Q in the slightest. I barely knew anything about Q. I knew what I believed from my own independent research and that’s what I posted.

All Q posts have to do is cause people to focus on relevant issues now. It could not be simpler.

People are smart. They’re especially smart when working in unison to gain the broadest understanding of any given issue. If you know where to look, there is news about reality from across the world, available in real-time, without the filters imposed on us by the censorship regime. The media only reports real events when they become some sort of problem, often weeks, months, or years later. People addicted to the Central Narrative are consistently weeks, months, or years behind reality about issues of critical importance. For the rest of us, observing reality while it happens is like traveling through a time machine, into the future, while Don Lemon’s audience exists stuck in a false past where everything is a lie about what you saw mommy and daddy doing. “I was just helping her look under the bed! You didn’t see what you saw! Never speak of this again!”

Would it have mattered if enough of society was engaged in observing reality when we were being sold two years of covid lockdowns and other unconstitutional violations of our civil rights? Would it have been good to be, let’s say, a year ahead of the mainstream media curve on vaccine safety before sticking it your kid? I’m not a parent, but I’m going to assume I know their thinking here. If they have not yet thought about it, can you call them parents?

I am not mad about being banned. It was my mistake for posting unauthorized information. Now, I understand that The Science™ has changed. The things I said were conspiracy theories at the time.

Since then, they’ve become true. My information was not true back when I said it, we’re told, although the information I shared has not changed. As the self-described genius, Scott Adams would say, I was right for the wrong reasons. (According to him - he was wrong for the right reasons).

Someday, I hope to hear how exactly The Science™ changed.

My departure from legacy social media opened a world of unencumbered conversation that I hadn’t experienced since studying philosophy in college. People would ask questions. Other people would chime in with what they know. People would tell me where to look for information or suggest looking into a connected issue that might spark my interest. If I was wrong about something, they’d explain what I was missing and provide evidence to support their point of view.

On Twitter, professional conspiracy theorists from prominent universities and media conglomerates manufacture and distribute the latest Slogans, none of which shall be challenged. They do this because they benefit from doing it. It serves a higher goal. A higher power, if you will.

On alternative platforms, it was the Wild, Wild West. Anything goes. It’s a different world without censorship. Yes, I had to look up what a glowie was. No, I couldn’t make someone stop saying unauthorized words by clicking ‘Report’.

Was I offended by hearing the no-no words? Sometimes, depending on how they were used. But not compared to being told I was a Nazi for wearing a red ballcap, without a mask on, while running in a public park by masked-up, rich, white ladies. Being told you’re a Nazi by the people who “elected” George Gascon and are currently supporting actual Nazis in Ukraine right now, that’s offensive. Likewise, the word planefag is certainly less offensive than the suggestion that the unvaccinated should be segregated from society.

Insane people, being supremely offensive in expressing their hatred of strangers based on their apparel, is a more dangerous trend than seeing no-no words online. I could be called any manner of -ist or -phobe for typing that, for even thinking it. I could immediately incur the wrath of hateful strangers for simply suggesting that a MAGA hat is not a hate symbol.

This isn’t a matter of degrees. The same people, knowing nothing about Ukraine, are “standing with” them, which necessitates them standing with George Soros - who helped pack the Nazi trains - and a legitimate, real-life, modern-day Nazi movement that simply is not a conspiracy theory. Our fellow citizens are literally declaring their allegiance with an actual Nazi movement and our corporations are promoting it. We are censored for pointing it out.

Those controlling things from the top have given themselves the power to censor all discussion that could cause them, or people like them, to feel like their ignorant and one-dimensional worldview, received and repeated, is wrong. What we’re left with is an acceptable range of viewpoints so small that nearly every member of society lives in permanent fear over which unwritten rule they might break around which person. Eventually, these people will begin practicing self-censorship because the trouble of telling the truth simply isn’t worth the blowback. This is now true about almost every subject that affects our lives.

The few open channels for free speech that remain have constantly been under attack. Users are tracked and harassed. Channels are subject to constant spam and bot attacks.

Q’s original posting location, 4chan (before 8chan and 8kun), was attacked relentlessly. 4chan users were called racist, white nationalist, terrorist killers who communicated mostly with intentionally misspelled words and extremely rare images of a very versatile cartoon frog. They used their own language and memes, not for keks, as they believed, but as secret code for their bigoted plotting of actual mass murders. If you were a real zany QAnon, you might realize the details of these crimes were murky and had all the makings of FBI-staged false-flag events. Similar to when the FBI staged the plot to “kidnap” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Twelve out of eighteen suspects were affiliated with law enforcement.

But that’s crazy. The FBI doesn’t stage false-flags or hate crimes, that’s Jussie Smollett. The FBI isn’t allowed to do that, because it’s evil. No one would be that evil, so it’s impossible for anyone to do it.

Therefore, it did not happen.

Why did the media attempt to destroy 4chan for years, even before Q? I don’t have to condone anyone’s behavior to be certain that any actual problem, if it existed, was being caused by a minute percentage of the people using 4chan. The only way to think otherwise is to intentionally misread what the anonymous users are doing. This is easier because we’ve broadened the definitions of what’s offensive to the point where everything becomes -ist or -phobic as long as an Expert can describe why the behavior is bad in a manner that stupid people will think is smart. We now have Experts on every behavior. They explain why certain behaviors are bad when done by certain people, and why those people are therefore bad.

It’s not hard to understand that a regime bent on full control of thought and speech would do everything it can to try to destroy any platform that guarantees free expression. They do this because the use of propaganda and the forbidding of speech are their most effective tools.

These tools are effective because the ideas supported by propaganda and censorship (two sides of the same coin) are so destructive, so depraved, and so anti-human that no sane person would ever vote for them on complete knowledge. If the ideas were popular and effective, there’d be no problem convincing sane, attentive people to go along. There would be no need to censor anyone if the ideas were appealing to a majority of people. Likewise, there would be no need to steal elections.

As someone who didn’t read a Q post until the second half of 2020, with only a few months of posts (which I paid very little attention to) before Q disappeared, I did not see the research operation in full swing, but much of it still exists and can be analyzed. It is probably the most massive research undertaking in the history of mankind. I’m not even sure that statement can be questioned. Vast libraries of knowledge, accessible to anyone with the curiosity and moral character to simply look.

There are very few subjects affecting today’s political landscape that haven’t been deeply researched by hundreds or thousands or millions of people in and around the Q information phenomenon.

Consider the accuracy and depth of knowledge this implies relative to, say, the New York Times editorial board. In 2020, this group of whiny, attention-obsessed, millennial bloggers got their editor fired for publishing a column by a sitting Senator. Those bloggers did that to hurt Trump by proxy, protect domestic terrorists, and make sure that those zany QAnons wouldn’t find out what the Insurrection Act is. It had the added bonus of keeping Times readers ignorant, as usual, preferring to obsess about ‘cancel culture’.

Trump supporters and people who pay attention to Q posts are portrayed as uneducated and unsophisticated. It’s assumed that they did not go to college, which is not remotely true. Many in the community are experts in their respective fields, participating in the project to share knowledge and consider new questions. People who spend hundreds or thousands of hours researching and considering complex topics have educated themselves far better than any four-year university possibly could. The depth of understanding is incomparable, and it’s absurd to argue otherwise.

Our culture worships college, but can’t describe the reason why. “Education is important!” Really? Then why are there so many thoroughly uneducated people with college degrees? They are simply indoctrinated in a false narrative about a false reality. There isn’t a justification for our cultural worship of degrees. It was just marketing, and we purchased our own indoctrination. It will allow us to ascend to a better class of people, we were told.

The cultural understanding says knowledge must be passed through the official filter of an authority.

This in an age when Gender Studies is considered a legitimate field. The degrees and credentials mean nothing if the people possessing them use them for status and protection. Credentials provide legitimacy to everything one might say, even if one is blatantly lying. The educated hold up their diplomas as shields of Expertise while supporting dishonest agendas. Who are you to question a

Doctor? Are you a biologist?

For instance: Al Sharpton is a race-grifter who, we’re told, should be taken seriously because he’s a Reverend. The CNN crisis actor and communist, Leana Wen is a Doctor. The criminal drug lord, Anthony Fauci, believes himself to be The Science™. Remove the credentials and call them what they are, see them as they are. There are smarter, more honest people in our society, many of whom have better credentials. Why does the television show us Sharpton, Wen, and Fauci instead?



Who is 'Q'? Part Two: Who Could Believe Such a Thing?

April 12, 2022 | Chris Paul on SubStack

Not only is it important to marginalize and silence anyone who’s suspected of thinking like a QAnon, it’s important to let others know how important it is. It’s crucial. If we are to survive, it must be done.

The sooner QAnons are gone, the sooner we can get back to normal while making progress.

The media has made it their mission to lead the charge against QAnon by calling them out, again and again, for well over four years now. When something is called out by the media, people understand it is their duty to direct hate toward whatever has been called out. The calling out of QAnon has continued despite the fact that there has not been any Q-related happening of any sort since December 8th 2020.

The fact that I am able to discuss “QAnon” at this length without calling out QAnon surely must make me a dirty QAnon, whether I am or not. I do not identify as a ‘Q follower’, but that’s not for me to judge. That’s for the writers at Newsweek, and people who edit their selfies, to decide.

Because I have a set of rational, plausible, unauthorized beliefs about a wide range of subjects, I am a no-good, very-bad no-no person - a QAnon. That these beliefs are backed by far more evidence than the claim that masking up will help prevent the spread of an aerosolized viral bio-weapon is irrelevant to the people who thought mask-wearing was necessary for modeling good behavior.

As our betters, the very good people determined that regardless of whether or not masks worked (they don’t), they should be worn out of respect. Our betters demanded symbolic displays of respect, performed in public, in honor of their power. Rules don’t have to make sense, but they must be followed. Society’s least powerful and least fortunate - otherwise known as those most easily harmed by covid policies – were forced to cover their faces, despite the physical and psychological harms masks inflict, to show respect.

Someone has to show those QAnon nutjobs how they should act. It’s not a big deal.

Those who have been following Q posts since Q’s inception see me, I think, as an open-minded guy who wants to know what the Q phenomenon is all about. They know - and I know - that they know infinitely more about Q than I do. They had a three-year head start in their process of understanding one of the most confusing, complex, undefinable, and downright fascinating phenomena in the history of information. Truthfully, I’m a bit jealous of the fun they had.

To people who know the most about Q, I am not a Q follower. To the people who know virtually nothing about Q (and little more about what I think), I have become crazy and joined the cult of the no-no people. I am a conspiracy theorist. I am a QAnon. And for that, I must be destroyed.

I ignored Q from its inception. I hadn’t seen or read a post, certainly not in any serious way, until late summer of 2020. I became aware of Q through various news stories and podcasts, but it seemed far-out and silly, exactly as it was framed to seem. I saw a weirdo with a sign at a Trump speech, or something. I saw their crazy “WWG1WGA” in their Twitter profiles - Where We Go One, We Go All.

They’re trying to pretend they’re looking out for one another for the betterment of humanity. Like they’re all in it together, as a country. Truly cult-like!

Everyone knows that the people actually helping are as follows: BLM Incorporated. Antifa’s Angels. Nancy Pelosi, who invented San Francisco and is your favorite drunk aunt / daughter-of-a-mobster-and-communist. Don Lemon, who is currently being tried for a sex crime. The guy on MSNBC Rachel Maddow Chris Hayes. The ‘Report’ button on Twitter. Chrissy Tiegen. Sean Penn. Fidel Castro’s bastard son. War-zone reporters. Adam Kinzinger. Liz Cheney (who has tooooootally made up for her father’s war crimes). At least three Bushes that we know of (and don’t look up Prescott, he’s not one of the three).

Hillary Clinton’s lawyers. Stacey Abrams stomping out voter ID laws with her extraordinary political weight. The abstract sound “one-six” if someone utters “insurrection” in your presence. Powerful sanctions only a QAnon like Putin would ignore. And the Ghost of KEEEV.

Upon deciding that this radical cult of demonic ‘Worshippers of the Unmasked Face’ was worth a serious look, I was confronted with cryptic posts on internet sites with ubiquitous cartoon frogs where Nike and Apple logos should be.

What is this, I thought - these people don’t even work at think-tanks or Ivy League universities. I can’t trust these anonymous people! What if they’re not diverse enough?! What if Q is a white man, like Ron Watkins from the HBO documentary who’s at least half-white… like Barack Obama?

Despite this venture into racism, I pressed on, mistakenly valuing my future understanding of an important and complex topic over my all-too-human need to know the skin color of the person providing the information. Not making sure what race people are before listening to them is white supremacy.

But nevertheless, I persisted. Was the information I was consuming produced by a suitable quota of BIPOC women or AAPI gender-fluids? Who knows? I was sucked into the cult before I could seek the guidance of Joy Reid. I didn’t even think to ask my fellow white, Joy Behar. I literally just turned off my brain and started doing whatever the cult said. It was the cult that made me refuse to post the black square on Instagram while my more normal fellow whites were solving racism. The cult is what makes it hard for me to openly call for the death of Insurrectionists before their trials, even though they attacked* THE CITADEL OF OUR DEMOCRACY!!

* subject to change - who knows what’s in those 14,000 hours of unreleased security camera footage from the Capitol that day, am I right? Definitely not overwhelming proof of corrupt government involvement!

I read through 10, or 20, or 50 Q posts - I can’t remember. All of a sudden, I was reading about scandalous Uranium deals, MS-13, political intrigue, crimes committed by powerful politicians, secret meetings, Obama’s flights around the world to visit world leaders just before President Trump was set to arrive for talks, and how the Democrats were the party of the Confederacy and the Klan.

Do all of these issues matter in the real world? Yes, undoubtedly. But we must not learn about them! If we do, we might be inclined to think there’s some connection between these important issues simply because all the same people are involved in each, but that’s likely just a coincidence.

Attributing meaning to a connected series of facts after placing them in their proper context is conspiracy thinking.

That is what we are told. No matter how much proof, no matter how obvious and admitted the crimes are, they simply did not happen until and unless the TV says they did. Reading Q posts or Q-related research is dangerous. Reading about Q from authorized sources is the best way to understand what’s really happening.

But here’s the thing, normies and Very Edgy People, Q posts can’t hurt you. Q posts are information among other information. That’s all. You don’t become a different person by reading them. I don’t know all of The Science™ but I’m certain Q posts do not conjure black magic and cast spells to hypnotize and confuse the masses. If they did, there would be advertisements next to them.

This is a Q post.

Scary, isn’t it? Can you believe these questions? Who would even want to think about the answers? Crazy people, that’s who.

Q would post multiple times some days and then go weeks between posts. There are nearly 5,000 Q posts - questions like those above, memes, seemingly-indecipherable codes, government documents, videos, and interactions with Anons. Some posts seemed to prove Donald Trump and the people around him were not only aware of Q and the community, but were actively playing along. The President and his people, too, were under the spell of the cult.

Again, there is no “QAnon”. There is Q - the person or group or AI that creates the Q posts - and there are Anons. Anons are simply people doing research on the internet and sharing it to help refine the community’s understanding of significant issues in the world. This process occurs within a free market of ideas, without the boundaries of censorship (whether the censorship is active via Big Tech bans or passive in public shaming campaigns). The researchers are anonymous, which means they can’t demand trust by virtue of their credentials. The community checks one another’s work to see if it’s evidence-based and logical, rather than assuming everything said is true.

For instance, the Very Smart People™ know that Kamala Harris is a strong, capable BIPOC woman. QAnons think she’s an incompetent status-seeker who rose in politics by trading sexual favors to a still-married Willie Brown in exchange for overpaid political appointments to posts she had no special qualifications for, other than being willing to do whatever she was told, forever. While in various offices in California, her corruption destroyed the lives of actual Californians. Her record is horrendous and immoral. Kamala Harris is less popular than the least popular “president” ever, Joe Biden. This remains true despite Biden’s own daughter’s diary describing showers with her father that were, in her words, “probably inappropriate”. Kamala Harris may even be less popular than the artist and crack-smoking Don Juan of Instagram escorts himself, Hunter Biden. But QAnons believe it just because they have all the facts on their side and no one can disprove them. They don’t even care what the TV says!

SOURCE: Be Reasonable: with Your Moderator, Chris Paul - SubStack


Who is 'Q'? Part One: Those Wacky Anons

April 9, 2022 | Chris Paul on SubStack

Part One: Those Wacky QAnons

Since the infamous “Q” first posted on an anonymous and uncensored message board on October 28th, 2017, in the weeks following the still-unexplained Las Vegas Massacre, the media has been covering the ‘Q’ information phenomenon, or at least that’s what they purport to be doing.

The Vegas massacre, we’re told, was the deadliest mass shooting in US history. It was a media story for a few days, but apparently not worth more interest than the propagandizing of a suitable patsy and a ‘ban on bump stocks’. “QAnon”, on the other hand has warranted thousands of articles and near daily coverage by mainstream outlets despite not being a real thing.

We all know of the very dangerous “QAnon”, the disparate and unorganized group of various -ists and -phobes who cause all the problems in America today. They are in a cult, as the story goes, whose central tenet is that they believe the completely absurd claim that the world is run by a group of corrupt and compromised, wealthy and well-connected people who sit somewhere above the law while anyone who doesn’t constantly pledge to advance their cause is systematically destroyed.

It’s such a ridiculous idea - not only isn’t it happening, it cannot happen.

In the QAnon’s anger toward their betters, their bitterness, and their bigotry, these dupes believe these corrupt leaders possess an infinite capacity for evil. Loonier yet, these supposedly evil and corrupt leaders carry out these crimes against humanity while convincing the world they are actually doing good. They play this trick so well that a society replicates the trick, ever able to rationalize evil, no matter how heinous or pernicious, in society first, and then in their personal lives.

How many lies, in a given day, do people convince themselves are true? You’d have to be crazy to think the world works this way, and those unhinged QAnons really believe it!

The pursuit of wealth, power, and social status above all else is the root of all evil. The world’s wealthiest, most powerful, and most high-status people and organizations pursue these goals relentlessly, at the expense of entire countries. They do it in coordinated fashion to achieve one common goal – global domination under their control. One evil force that convinces humans to submit to its power by enticing them with possessions, control, and fame. Does that sound like Satan? Does it sound like Satan-ism? I’m not a religious scholar, so I don’t know, but I guess that’s what those wacky QAnons believe.

The corrupt, evil, Satanists (according to QAnons) are involved in crimes against humanity so abhorrent that one would never believe them possible, if one were not to witness these crimes for themselves. QAnons accuse the corrupt leaders of acts so truly evil that such crimes could never be carried out by anyone, therefore they are impossible and do not happen.

Terrorism, biological warfare, psychological warfare, drug trafficking, human trafficking, child sex trafficking, spying, tracking, modern slavery, active concentration camps, intentional medical malpractice, mass censorship and propaganda, false flags, wars of choice and convenience, child torture and sexual abuse, ritual worship of the material world, the reimagining of the Elite self as a God of this realm, and the quest for immortality.

These things are not real.

Crazy, right? None of these things happen. They never have. Never in history.

Because none of these things have ever happened, anywhere, ever, it’s easy to understand why very smart people would be inclined to believe they can never happen. Sure, stories about all of the above crimes against humanity could be found in the news of the past week, but it’s so difficult to trust stories about reality if the TV does not also agree. If it was important, surely, the television would let everyone know.

But hey, we all know how nutty those lousy QAnons are! They believe all of those hideous crimes happen in the real world and the people most responsible never get punished! Crazy!

It’s important when thinking of those filthy QAnons to remember that you don’t personally know any of them because you don’t want to know any of them. You would never let them be around you! They would immediately try to poison your mind and make you think the same things all QAnons think!

Those people are all the same, right? Wait, no, that’s for the blacks, thinks a Biden voter, before getting angry and Googling things in zher phone until the anger goes away.

These QAnons, addled as they are, think there are evil people in the world - some of them American public officials, corporate executives, media figures, and celebrities - who carry out their evil in a quest for global domination and eternal life. It’s nuts!

Never in world history has anyone longed for global domination under a singular rule and never has anyone wanted to live forever, even just to see what it would be like! Honestly, how could any intelligent person believe any of it?

None of it could ever happen, therefore none of it ever has. Certainly not by George Soros, who helped the Nazis load his neighbors onto the trains (which he admitted on 60 Minutes, of all places). George Soros would not do something evil, he’s a philanthropist, like Bill Gates, who also could not be evil because computers. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama could not have spied on Donald Trump. How dare you even say that about the first black president and the first woman president (if not for Russia)?

So QAnons are probably stupid and uneducated. All the very smart people agree that evil, as described, cannot exist, therefore it does not exist. They seem to believe this to be true at all times, except when you ask them. They’re aware that the evil does exist, occasionally. They will admit that evil acts exist. Depending on how depraved or detached from reality they are, they will shift to rationalizing that the evil is either rare or cannot affect them.

But you have to understand Genghis Khan was a QAnon. Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson were QAnons. Hitler was a QAnon and surely would’ve hated George Soros (because Hitler is anti-Semitic and insulting George Soros is anti-Semitic) even though Soros helped the Nazis load Jews onto the trains. But then again, he is a philanthropist, which makes up for it. Hitler is a QAnon and Soros is a philanthropist. The men who carried out the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment were those nasty QAnons, too. (You can tell because all QAnons are racist.)

I said that QAnon is not a real thing, and it is not. Q was the source of 4,953 messages appearing on anonymous message boards. Because the boards were anonymous, the members of the boards are referred to as ‘Anons’. Anons relentlessly research topics and spread what they find. The information is analyzed and passed on, or it is refuted in a true free market of information. There is no “QAnon”.

“Is Q real?” is a silly question. “Do you believe in Q?” is similarly silly.

Q certainly exists. Very few people would say they’re certain of what it is or who’s involved, which implies a healthy skepticism as a core principle, not some severe lack of brain capacity.

Many of Q’s messages were cryptic. Many simply asked questions. There were memes and links and virtual pep-talks. Q also interacted with the members of the ever-expanding community that sprung up around the Q phenomenon. That community grew as the “Q” community branched out and merged with the broader truth community to varying degrees. That broader collection of truthseekers has replaced the mainstream as the source for society-wide information and consensus building. Q is not a fringe, it’s a surprisingly coherent belief system held by people who are informed by some combination of their faith and their observations of the world around them. There are still those in the truth community who think Q is stupid, for sure, though none of them bothered to find out for themselves.

Because the boards were anonymous, the people doing the research are referred to as ‘Anons’.

There is no “QAnon”. The media created a set of beliefs and named it “QAnon”. Everything that contradicts the media narrative becomes something believed by the people who believe in “QAnon”.

Since “QAnon” is crazy, and it’s believed by crazy people, anything that contradicts the narrative is believed by the bad people. Good, smart people know that’s enough information to make a sound judgment.

Q’s last post was on December 8th, 2020. It was a YouTube link to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. That’s all. It had been nearly a month since Q’s prior post that simply said, “Durham.” No one in the media knows what the message could’ve possibly meant because it’s so cryptic. Surely, it couldn’t mean “John Durham”, the man currently investigating the Trump-Russia collusion hoax where Hillary Clinton’s campaign spied on Donald Trump with the knowledge of both halves of the Obama-Biden administration, the CIA, the FBI, foreign leaders, and foreign intelligence services, could it?

Surely not, because that’s what those tinfoil-hat wearing QAnons think. Crazy, right?

Despite Q’s long sabbatical, those scummy QAnons have been waging a mis- dis- and mal- information war on our democracy!! They’re trying to make everyone listen to information that hasn’t been approved of by the authoritative sources - those employed by the six corporations that own all media! It’s very dangerous!

During Q’s 14+ month absence, QAnons got very angry, just because they think that these same evil, corrupt leaders actually stole an election! Yes, they control everything and tell us what to think while tracking everything we do, but there is no evidence that they stole an election! These are baseless claims, a conspiracy theory, the Big Lie. It’s so obvious. You don’t even need to look! Examining an election is a threat to our democracy. Besides, no one would be evil and conniving and corrupt enough to steal an election and if it happened, the television would tell us. Therefore, it didn’t happen.

Those dastardly QAnons sieged the Capitol(!) with a Very Violent Insurrection(!) that threatened to tear down our democracy(!) and they did it because of white privilege(!) and they are misogynists(!) and Science Deniers(!)

They began going to school board meetings, maskless(!) to show they’re part of the cult(!), just because their kids happen to go to a school where they’re being trained in professional racism or where being raped by a boy in the girls’ room gets covered up because the boy was wearing a skirt.

Those QAnon terrorists! (I know, rape sounds scary, but everyone knows it’s transphobic to #metoo someone who might have gender dysphoria.)

Those delusional QAnons are anti-mask(!), which killed everyone’s grandma. They were anti-mask even before the TV told us masks weren’t necessary anymore. They’re anti-vax(!) and they were anti-vax(!) even before the TV told us that the ‘vaccines’ don’t work… and we still have to wear masks… and sorry about the myocarditis/AIDS/cancer thing.

The Science said covid must be cured by “the vaccine”, which would only protect anyone if everyone took it. By “protect”, they initially meant people could not become infected with covid. When The Science changed, “protect” came to mean the shot would prevent serious illness and death… from a disease that does not cause death for 99.9% of people who become infected.

Those silly QAnons keep saying, “My body, my choice”, but everyone knows that’s the pro-choice motto. It’s actually disgusting that the QAnons are saying it when they’re the ones killing other people, not the women getting abortions. Duh.

Everything bad is Trump, as Trump is the source of everything bad. Everything bad is QAnon, as QAnon is the source of everything bad. Everything bad is ‘Trump supporters’, as Trump supporters are the source of everything bad.

This is the scapegoating of every world citizen who is not on board with the Global Communist Agenda.

Did the QAnons cause the modern-day slave trade at the Southern border? How? Did they divert the attention of our public servants to the domestic terrorism the QAnon parents were committing?

QAnons drove 18-wheelers to overthrow Canada’s government, who they’re told does the bidding of those evil, corrupt leaders of the world. It’s a conspiracy theory! The QAnons are ready to believe something so absurd because they realized that Justin Trudeau is quite obviously Fidel Castro’s bastard son and Chrystia Freeland, Trudeau’s Deputy PM, is the granddaughter of a real-life Nazi.

Side note: Canadian QAnons? How many parts of the media story break down when a person grasps the inherent contradiction in that? The last thought a deranged Biden voters want to have before his brain breaks is: “There are Q followers in other countries? They must be racist, white Trump supporters too!”

Trudeau’s and Freeland’s bloodlines aren’t their fault! They can’t be blamed for what their families did! They are both capable young leaders who support China’s very efficient society, the LGBTQIA+++ agenda, and forcing their people to do whatever they’re told. Nothing can get in the way of saving the Earth from the Sun.

Another side note: Remember when the global communists focused on reducing pollution by canceling plastic straws? Was this because they noticed number of plastic drinking straws they themselves waste at fancy restaurants and on their private jet trips? They tried to cancel plastic straws. They believed it would make a real difference. Soon after, they began buying billions of disposable masks that don’t protect them from covid and take longer than straws to biodegrade after they end up in the ocean. They want to change the world because they find their own wastefulness to be offensive. They believe that to solve the problem of their own personal wastefulness, everyone needs to adjust, because everyone else must waste the same amount as they do. To absolve themselves of responsibility, they tout the importance of speaking out against straws to show everyone they’re very good people.

Since the last Q post, those rotten QAnons have committed sooo many mass shootings, especially those that social media blamed on white supremacists and ‘probably Trump supporters’ before finding out the shooters were immigrants or Arabs. Can you believe it? The QAnons recruited immigrants and Arabs to do their bidding! Those racist Islamophobes!

Those unhinged QAnons failed to support the mostly peaceful™ race-rioters throughout the summer of 2020, just because they were threatening homes, looting businesses, desecrating monuments, and trying to burn down government buildings. Those dastardly QAnons just didn’t care that the mostly peaceful™ rioters were actually solving racism with their antiracism. (Antiracism is like racism, except the person doing the racism is good instead of bad.)

Those villainous QAnons are not properly supporting Ukraine while our democracy is being attacked around the world. They’re defending Putin just because they think he is taking out US bioweapons labs near Russia’s border and dismantling a hotbed of corruption and actual Nazism that happens to involve the man currently pretending to be president of the United States of America… and many of his friends.

And that is not happening. If it was, the news would tell us. You know it’s not happening because the US Embassy removed all record of those bio-weapons labs from their site. You can’t prove anything now, right? The QAnons are so powerful at hypnotizing the public with true information that the Embassy was forced to remove legitimate documents from their website to protect innocent Americans from being exposed to the conspiracy theory those documents prove! Those QAnons are so tricky and clever in their sloth and stupidity! The worst, I tell you!

QAnons, destroying the world with their conspiratorial machinations, are doing it all because they just cannot get over the fact that their hero, their savior of the world, Donald Trump, didn’t get re-elected. The QAnons just can’t accept that so many people hate them and their hero because that’s how clueless they are about the rest of the world - so uncultured!

Everybody knows that Donald Trump was so hated, he could never win, regardless of whether or not he received 12 million more votes than he did in 2016. Trump’s cult got 20% bigger, sure, but 81 million real, legal, American voters everywhere turned out (almost entirely via mail or Zuckerberg dropbox) to vote for the one man with the savvy and guile to take down the vast evil empire of Donald Trump and the QAnons before they seized all the power in the world.

Joe Biden, from his basement, was this man. If you think that’s not true, you ain’t black.

From his basement, the kind, decent, affable, straight-shootin’ Joe Biden, Father of Crackheads, Sniffer of Kids, He Who Will Put Y’all Back in Chains, secured himself 81 million real, legal, American votes. According to the television, enough votes came in over the days following the election that Joe Biden was eventually called the president.

A statement from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said the election was “safe and secure”. Bill Barr said he hadn’t (yet) seen evidence of fraud to materially change the outcome.