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Why The Maricopa County Election Audit is Best in Class

The Michigan audit was performed by clerks of the county and “if all the ballots were selected, then the clerks would not have to bother selecting ballots.”

And Virginia claimed that they would address 300,00 ballots dropped on election night. And the reason behind this being worthless is that

  • It does not audit all ballots counted in the election

  • Audit wastes people's time

  • Review consists of counting and recording the ballots

What else? These are “worst in class” as “the auditors used by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors who were not certified when they claimed they were, sent a message to those observing their audit.”

The Arizona audit scans Maricopa County ballots with an ultra-violet method “to look for creases in the paper and other items.”

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