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Conspiracy Theory or Mainstream-Approved Content?

It’s 221 in the morning on a Tuesday. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably found yourself starting to question your own sanity lately. You’re not alone. Welcome to the cognitive dissonance being felt in across the entire United States. what’s the know why you’re feeling the way you are? It’s because the country is barreling towards The day of reckoning. Sounds extreme? That’s because of this. You don’t believe me. That’s good because you shouldn’t Believe anything that’s put in front of your face value. Especially now in this digital age. It seems common sense but think back to some of the stories and headlines that you took at face value over the past decade. We’re all about to find out that both left and right have been complicit complicit in this systemic Treason: LINK

Case in point. If you’re not in the podcast now would be the time to start listening. We begin with conservative leaning Dana Loesch. This entire podcast is extremely important in light of everything else that’s posted on this website. That being said if you’re limited on time we recommend skipping forward towards the 15 minute mark and listening until the end. You’ll recognize quite a bit of what she’s speaking about as having been related to it’s posted on this website. When fringe conspiracy theory reaches the mainstream, there’s even more reason for all of us to give it consideration. Take a look at everything that’s happened in the last year. If you’re not open to considering everything that’s placed on the table at this point, you’re only fooling yourself. Like and share for updates.


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