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🎥 💊 David Straight: The History & Laws That Have Been Hidden From America - Reeducation Series

April 24, 2022

If you weren't yet aware, 90% of what the US Federal Government does is illegal and Unconstitutional - why? Because our Constitution was changed in 1871. From that date forward, we have not been a free people living in a free republic. We have been a Corporation.

Sounds Crazy? Start with these articles:

🎥 So, What Else Have We Not Been Told? Words Can't Describe

David Straight is a former special ops, former intelligence officer, former secret service agent, former sheriff deputy and is recently served on two Presidential task forces.

His seminar, "What Every American Needs To Know" explains the truths of Law, Status, Unalienable Rights, History and provides an understanding of how to use it all. This series should be watched by every single American. Period.

🎥 Part I

🎥 Part II

🎥 Part III

🎥 Part IV

🎥 Part V

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Processes to Perfect For An American State National

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If they have access to their Trust, why are they asking me to buy them a coffee?

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With all respect Claire, so many of us aren't even in your position as we may not even have an old roof over our head? Regardless, you, me or anyone else are not being forced to "cough up" if we want to take advantage of the resource of knowledge "given up" by David Lester Straight (or anyone taking on the expense of forwarding his or her information to us all). And so many others who post valuable information and costly graphics at their own expense. It's totally up to you, and everyone else, to help the individuals reclaim some of their costs in getting the information out there. So many are doing it out of need to share what they…

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I am not a fan of David Straight and Anna “Avon Rietz” or any “American State National”

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Is there someone we can speak with because I have so many questions. I am also trying to find people who have completed the switch, but there is no database, I'm guessing for their safety? Is there anyone answering these questions or is it a dead page? Thank you :)

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I’m not affiliated with this site in any way however I have done some research and becoming more aware every day. Title 26 the tax code is NOT positive law. a guy named Brandon Williams has a lot of good information as well.

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They chose Jekyll Island for a reason. They signed the Federal Reserve Act in a Clubhouse. That Clubhouse was built over a Canaanite Alter. An Alter left there by a Cannibalistic Indian Tribe. They were taller than most Indian Tribes. No one knows what happened to that Tribe. They did leave behind that Alter though. That alter was destroyed back in the mid 2000's. I am not sure of the year. Timothy Bence was a Christian who was led by God to destroy many Canaanite Alters all over the world. He prayed over that Canaanite Alter and cracked it in half. There is a video on You Tube made by Mr. Bence

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