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Devolution Part XIV: The Invisible Enemy

ALL CREDIT: Patel Patriot


If you haven’t read the first 13 parts of the Devolution series, please do so now here:

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This article is going to have a different vibe than the previous articles in my Devolution. I won’t be focusing on the actual Devolution operation, but instead on someone who has emerged as the key figure in common among the institutions and organizations that have gone all-in in attacking Trump.

I recently was sent a link to a Substack series titled “Prussia Gate.” As I have been reading through the Prussia Gate story (everything factually sourced), I have become more and more convinced that the enemy Trump is defeating through Devolution is an enemy that has sought control over the world population for centuries, if not longer. We’re simply facing the modern day version of the same invisible enemy.

This battle we are watching unfold isn’t merely Democrat vs. Republican. There is a global network of individuals, corporations, NGOs, and think tanks operating behind the scenes and puppeteering the political landscape and this is what Trump is seeking to dismantle. In this article I’m going introduce you to an individual that is connected with each of the major battles Trump faced in his first term.

My goal is not to make accusations, but to share what I have learned. By now, it has become clear that there are many well-connected individuals in numerous organizations that have played instrumental roles in these political assaults, but one individual in particular stands out to me. It’s my hope that by the end of this article, I will have explained how this individual is different and how he appears to have a direct connection to the “Prussia Gate” story. Of course, some of the information I’m going to present has already been dismissed as “conspiracy theories” by the mainstream media, but my goal is not to weigh in on any “theory,” it is to present the facts.

Deep(State) Connections

The “Deep State” is very real. My entire goal for this article was to see if it was possible to find the connection between the four main “battles” waged against Trump. We all assumed they were connected, but my goal was to specifically find out how. These are the 4 main “battles” I considered:

  1. Spygate

  2. Ukraine Impeachment

  3. Covid-19

  4. The 2020 Election

As I was looking at each of the above from a 40,000 ft view, a specific name kept showing up. That name is David Rubenstein, one of the co-founders of The Carlyle Group. Allow me to introduce him to you.

David Rubenstein

The Carlyle Group

Before we do a deep dive into Mr. Rubenstein himself, I’d like to discuss the company he co-founded, The Carlyle Group.

The first thing that struck me was how The Carlyle Group used political relationships for financial gain. Note that while Obama was President, Carlyle became the largest private equity firm by capital raised over previous five years. Those political relationships were not bound by a mere party label, either. Here is an article from World Socialist Website from May of 2001:

Alaska seems like a long way for Obama to go for a dinner party, no? We’ll revisit that Rogoff-Obama dinner later in this article.

Here is some of The Carlyle Group investments. A few things here stick out to me as very odd.

To recap with a brief timeline:

  • October, 1997 - Carlyle acquires United Defense Industries for $850 million, their largest investment to that point.

  • September 11, 2001 - Carlyle holds their investor conference, naming one investor, Shafiq Bin Laden, as their “guest of honor.” Note the Bin Laden family had invested $2 million into the “Carlyle Partners II Fund.” I’ll be coming back to that fund again later.

  • September 11, 2001 - World Trade Center terrorist attacks leading the United States into the “War on Terror.”

  • October 2001 - Bin Laden liquidates holdings in Carlyle funds.

  • December, 2001 - Carlyle completes an IPO of United Defense on the NYSE.

  • May, 2005 - Carlyle sells UDI to BAE for $4 Billion. Carlyle Profits nearly $3.2 billion with the sale.

Obviously, the optics from the above timeline don’t look great, particularly when one considers Carlyle’s ties to the Bush family. Again, however, it’s not my goal to draw conclusions in this article, it’s only to point out the facts. One might be tempted to chalk up such circumstances to “coincidence,” except this isn’t the only time that the Carlyle Group has had situations involving such bad optics.

Before moving on to other such “coincidences,” it’s necessary give the Carlyle Group more context, and there are a few specific investments that the Carlyle Group received very early on that certainly raise some red flags. I’ve chosen to focus only on these because they are relevant to Trump’s time in office, but there is so much more that you can find here: The Iron Triangle - Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group

We don’t need to go over Soros since most of us are already very familiar with him, but the Alwaleed connection is interesting. In May of 2017, Donald Trump made his first official foreign trip as President to visit Saudi Arabia, and in early November of 2017, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal was arrested for corruption.

There is one more story about Carlyle Group regarding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH 370 that might distract from the trajectory of this article if I attempt to include a full summary of it here. The conclusion some have come to is that they may have financially benefited from the disappearance of the airplane. I would urge you to look into the story and decide for yourself.

Alice Nicole Rogoff

Alice Rogoff married David Rubenstein in 1983 and they were divorced in December of 2017. Alice has her own interesting connections.

Before we get back to more of David Rubenstein, let’s do a brief summary of what we have learned so far:

  • David Rubenstein co-founded The Carlyle Group

  • The Carlyle group has powerful bipartisan political connections

  • Carlyle group has a few “shady” but relevant (to our story) investors (Soros & Alwaleed)

  • Carlyle group has an optics “problem” (United Defense investment and 9/11)

  • Rubenstein’s ex wife is connected to Ghislane Maxwell

  • Rubenstein’s ex wife hosted Barack Obama for a private dinner in 2015

If you’re like me, your “spidey senses” are already tingling at this point too, but this is just the beginning of the web that David Rubenstein weaves. Let’s continue.

David Rubenstein Affiliations

It’s now important to take a look at the long list of David Rubenstein’s affiliations where we start to see some familiar left wing organizations come into the picture:

Ties to the CCP

Before digging into the above organizations, there is one advisory board Rubenstein is on that for some reason isn’t listed above. It can instead be found in his bio on The Carlyle Group's website:

Here is a photo of Rubenstein presenting at a 2015 Advisory Board meeting at Tsinghua University:

In June of 2012, the Epoch Times published an article on Tsinghua University:

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s International Cyber Policy Centre has a dedicated program that specifically track’s “China’s Defense Universities.” This is how the they describe Tsinghua University:

Just so we’re clear, David Rubenstein chairs an advisory board for Tsinghua University in China. This is the university that Xi Jinping graduated from and is the premier training university for future leaders of the CCP. This connection is massive. We will touch on it again when we discuss the Covid-19 pandemic and Rubenstein’s connection to it. The picture below was taken in October 23, 2013.

In September of 2015, Barack Obama hosted a state dinner at the White House honoring Chinese President Xi Jinping. Here is a link to the guest list which is worth scrolling through. I could argue that this entire list is the roster for the deep state. Rubenstein and his (then) wife Alice were in attendance.

Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Rubenstein also has a few ties to Jeffrey Epstein (in addition to his wife Alice Rogoff and her own connection to Ghislane Maxwell). First, both Rubenstein and Epstein were members of the Trilateral Commission.

There is also this story from the Mockingbird Paper outlining an Epstein connection to the Carlyle Group through Les Wexner.

The Brookings Institution

Now let’s look at the Brookings Institution a little closer since they will come up a few times as we move forward. Rubenstein served as the co-chair of the board of trustees for the Brookings Institution starting in March of 2014 - and currently serves as the Chair Emeritus. In March of 2017 Rubenstein gave $20 million to the Brookings Institution.

In June of 2017, Forbes published an article that was very critical of the Brookings Institutions funding and operations:

In January of 2016 the Ron Paul Institute published an article connecting the Brookings Institution to The Carlyle Group. It’s one of the best ones I found— specifically with its relevance to Ukraine.

Let’s take a moment to add 3 new items to our recap list before moving on:

  • David Rubenstein co-founded The Carlyle Group

  • The Carlyle group has powerful bipartisan political connections

  • Carlyle group has a few “shady” but relevant (to our story) investors (Soros & Alwaleed)

  • Carlyle group has an optics “problem” (United Defense investment and 9/11)

  • Rubenstein’s ex wife is connected to Ghislane Maxwell

  • Rubenstein’s ex wife hosted Barack Obama for a private dinner in 2015

  • Rubenstein chairs the advisory board of the university that chose Xi Jinping and specializes in training future leaders of the CCP

  • Rubenstein and The Carlyle Group are connected to Epstein and Les Wexner

  • Rubenstein and his Carlyle Group are deeply connected to the Brookings Institution

The “Battles”

In this section I’m going to outline how David Rubenstein and/or his affiliations were involved in each of the “battles” Trump faced throughout his first term. Some connections are stronger than others but the connections are there none-the-less.


I won’t do a full deep dive into the Russian collusion investigation, but there is an article written by Jonathan Turley that provides all the details we will need as we move forward regarding the Brookings Institute and its role in the Spygate hoax. Yes, I’m literally going to screengrab the entire article because it is that important.

We’re seeing more and more come out showing that the Brookings Institution is heavily involved in the Spygate Hoax and that involvement leads us to David Rubenstein and The Carlyle Group.


I want to examine the timeline of some major events that have unfolded in Ukraine in recent memory. In Devolution - Part 12, I described how our government used its color revolution playbook against Donald Trump throughout his entire first term in office. It is the same playbook that has been used for years to overthrow regimes in other countries, as in the eastern European country of Ukraine. They did so in 2004 with the Orange Revolution and attempted to do it again in 2014 with the Revolution of Dignity. I don’t believe the Revolution of Dignity went according to plan, however.

  • August 2009 - Obama names William Kennard as Ambassador to the EU

The United States Government, the IMF, and the EU basically blackmailed Ukraine and assisted in the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych. Why? What did they stand to lose by Yanukovych not signing the trade agreement and accepting the loan agreement? Let’s look.

The whole Ukraine fiasco appears to be about forcing Ukraine to allow private sector gas companies to move in and take part of Ukraine gas energy. Remember in 2013 the Carlyle group started the Carlyle International Energy Partners specifically to invest in energy outside North America.

Remember that Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma. Clearly both the Carlyle Group and the Biden family stood to benefit. Is that why they rushed to impeachment? Was it to stop Trump from sniffing around?

This has a similar feeling to what went down during the period of time surrounding 9/11. The Carlyle Group makes a major investment, then events unfold leading to massive profit from that investment. The only difference here is that it appears Russia may have interfered with their plans by invading Ukraine.

Whatever is really going on, David Rubenstein is connected to the Ukraine situation and Donald Trump’s first impeachment. Below are his connections to two of the primary players of the impeachment hoax, both through the Brookings Institution.

  • Fiona Hill - (Multiple Rubenstein connections)

    • Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution.

    • Member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

    • Member of the Trilateral Commission

  • Alexander Vindman

    • Joined the staff of the National Security blog Lawfare.


Everybody has their own opinion of the Covid-19 Pandemic. I’m not going to put mine out there. I’m only going to lay out the facts. First let’s meet Dr. John P. Holdren.

It is a fact that in 1977, Dr. Holdren co-authored a book titled Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment:

It is a fact that Dr. Holdren is a Visiting Distinguished Professor at CCP connected Tsinghua University. Keep in mind that David Rubenstein serves as Chairman of the Tsinghua SEM Advisory Board. Dr. Holdren also served as the Director of the OSTP under Obama. Dr. Holdren was the director of the OSTP when this Policy Guidance was issued on January 9th, 2017.

So not only is Dr. Holdren connected to Tsinghua University just like David Rubenstein, but it is a fact that with Dr. Holdren as Director, the OSTP recommended policy guidance which resulted in lifting the moratorium on gain of function research.

It is a fact that on May 15th of 2018 there was a pandemic exercise held titled Clade X.

It is a fact that David Rubenstein is on the boards of both Johns Hopkins and the World Economic Forum. We still don’t know the full truth behind the Covid-19 pandemic, but these are some interesting “coincidences” when you look at them objectively.

The 2020 Election

I have discussed previously that there seemed to be something off with the use of Dominion Voting Systems and their election machines used in 2020. They are at the heart of numerous vote switching claims in public dialogue. Who owns Dominion Voting Systems?

So once again, we have another major hoax played upon the United State of America (the stolen 2020 election) and one of the companies accused of perpetrating that hoax has ties to The Carlyle Group.

Speaking of the 2020 election, if you were Joe Biden, how would you celebrate your first Thanksgiving after the “successful” theft of it? By spending the day with David Rubenstein, of course!


The final affiliation I’d like to mention of David Rubenstein’s is that he is the President of a group called The Alfalfa Club, and it is through this affiliation that his connection to Prussia Gate becomes clear. The Alfalfa Club and their story is interesting, although the word “interesting” might pale as an accurate descriptor.

Every year, this group gets together to celebrate the birthday of Robert E. Lee. It would be worth your time to browse the list of Alfalfa Club Members. It’s a “who's who” of “deep state” players. These are the same hypocritical, race baiting mega rich politicians and oligarchs urging people to tear down the statues of the Robert E. Lee they celebrate every year.

H. Ralph Burton, a member of the Alfalfa Club, authored a pamphlet titled “The Origin History and Object of the Alfalfa Club” in 1917.

I cannot stress to you how important it is to go through and read the linked pamphlet. The pamphlet discusses secret documents going back as far as 5000 BC and discusses that that whoever possesses these documents will have power over everything and everyone else. I’m not telling you to believe story as presented in the pamphlet, you need to decide that for yourself. At the end of this pamphlet there is something that seemed to jump off the page for me. When I read it, I actually got goosebumps. This is where we find our Prussian connection:

“The Kaiser depended upon these for the success of the present war…”

A screenshot once again from the Prussia Gate articles:

What are the chances that David Rubenstein is the President of the Alfalfa Club and that very club’s origins are based upon supposed documents once held by the Kaiser of Germany (King of Prussia)?

Whether the “secret documents” are real or not, the pamphlet itself is and so is the connection it provides.

As you read through Prussia Gate, and I once again can’t stress how important it is you do so, you’ll come to the same conclusion I did - the Prussia Gate story is impossible to deny. It’s also undeniable that Devolution is happening as we speak. David Rubenstein and the Alfalfa club serve as the connection point between Prussia Gate and Devolution.

The Prussian model of “infiltration instead of invasion” was the only way to defeat America. They almost succeeded. The complexity of the NGOs and global corporations involved in global politics is the modern day version of the Prussian method of control that has developed over hundreds of years and it cannot be dismantled overnight. Trump and the devolution team have been facing a monumental task. Part of defeating this enemy is becoming aware of who they are and how they operate. How can you defeat an enemy that operates only in the shadows?

By not allowing them to operate in the shadows any longer.

Trump stepped out of the spotlight of the Presidency and left an open stage for the invisible enemy to be placed in full view. Fully exposed, they have brought about their own doom, guided by the steady hand of the devolution operation.

It’s no longer a question of if devolution is real, but rather when and how it is revealed.


Patel Patriot


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