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🎥💊 Joe Rogan Says Epstein Was a CIA or Mossad Spy, Lays Out How It Could Have Been Possible

August 7, 2022 Commentary:

I said it months ago and I maintain that Rogan has a role in this whole "Q" operation. His narrative has gone from anti-Trump, to on par with the mainstream COVID/Vaxx rhetoric to questioning things to full on Red-Pill “Conspiracy (truth) Theorist. Rogan connects to UFC, UFC owned by Dana White and Dana White is one of Trump's closest allies going back decades. This is NOT the line of thinking or a theory that Rogan would have come up with on his own, intelligent as he may be. Let's not forget that the very idea of Epstein running a human trafficking ring or blackmailing influential politicians and business leaders was very much a "QAnon Conspiracy Theory" until very recently. It's still not a mainstream concept by any measure, true as it may be....


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