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More questions than answers: Who really stormed the Capitol?

The meat you would like us to believe that it was Trump supporters that swarmed the capital building last week, resulting in the deaths of five Americans. However, immediately in the aftermath, outrage swept across Maga country as the left-wing media cartel immediately branded the crowd over 1 million as “traders, terrorists and insurgents“. Hundreds of people have been fired from their jobs simply for attending the rally. Even the ones I didn’t enter the building. Thanks of revoked privileges from businesses owned by members attending the rally and it’s no secret at the cartels and working overtime to erase trumps movement from existence. Right now they are not even trying to hide it anymore. But when the New York Times and even CNN start reporting about the many irregularities surrounding the protest, then perhaps it might be time for us to take notice. I was on the ground last week in Washington DC for trust speech. I’ll write more about that later, but I can tell you this much. There is nothing and I mean nothing to the president said or did that cause what happened last week. The fact of the matter is that this protest was organized in early December. It was not even organized by Trump or his administration. Was organized by independent voters. It was announced immediately following the December 9 protest, during which the only violence found was that caused by black life matters and antifa late into the night. I can tell you with 100% certainty that Trump supporters were planning together in mass on January 6 even if the president did not attend. The fact that the media cartel is spinning this any differently is simply nothing but propaganda. Trump supporters have been intimately involved with the election fraud investigations and were screaming mad that no one had come to their defense. It’s interesting that the people who brought us the summer of hell in the form of the antifa and black lives matter protest which decimated all of our cities are now crying fell about a very peaceful protest that was hijacked by professional agitators. But don’t take my word for it, A simple Google search reveals many images, even during the times of purged free speech, of Trump supporters dressed in black tactical gear and with gas masks. I gladly invite you to look at videos and images from any of trumps hundreds of rallies throughout the years and find so many people dressed in black tactical gear. Then there’s a matter of the timeline. Multiple sources including the New York Times is reporting that the protest is causing the most violence actually breach the capital building before Trump even finished his speech. But I guess that’s probably a coincidence

Who Really Breached The Capitol?

Is it normal to wear tactical gear to a protest?

Dozens of videos online show Trump supporters trying to stop antifa

Does this look like somebody from MAGA country?


Who Really Breached The Capitol?


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