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Observations On The Current Red Pilling by The Mainstream Media 📺

June 30, 2022

We know that Executive Orders 13818/13848 give Trump and the White Hats ample legal power and justification to seize or control any Corporate media outlet and thus dictate what goes on the air.

What I believe to be happening across the mainstream media right now is a very coordinated and brilliant white hat operation that targets both left and right.

They’re actually red pilling BOTH Republicans and Democrats. They’re moving them towards CLARITY by broadcasting conflicting (CONFUSING) narratives of current events….on the same network.

Fox’s conservative viewers are confused when a guy like Brett Bair analyzes the Jan. 6th show trial circus regardless of how tragically fraudulent and absurd it is. That pisses conservatives off. It also gets their attention. Then they watch Watters, Tucker and Gutfeld, who all just happen to be red pilling the crap out of the normies with truth bombs.

It’s waking people up and forcing them to see just how absurd the corporate media narrative is, especially in contrast to the truth.

At the same time, Fake Biden and his merry band of masks and body doubles are so obscenity evil, corrupt, incompetent and clueless, that the leftist media can’t ignore it anymore. So while Morning Mika and Maddow continue to trample truth and reality, others are now laying into Fake Biden and the Dems. Pundits on MSNBC and CNN are being forced into moments of truth. They’re showing Liberals the real polls, charts and statistics. It’s all so glaringly bad, there’s just no way to even spin it. The difference between Sleepy and Trump couldn’t be more obvious.

From the border, to crime, the supply chain, the economy and overall quality of life, the numbers don’t lie. So the Libs may not be as red pilled about the media (yet), they’re being introduced to a more steady diet of buyer’s remorse. And I do believe this will eventually help lead to a large portion of the Left realizing the truth about President Trump….someday….soon. 🇺🇸

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