🔥Payback is Coming: 3 CA Courts in a Week Rule Against COVID Lockdowns, in Favor of ‘We the People’

August 24, 2022

NewsTreason.com Commentary - The News Story Follows Below:

I've said it since the Plandemic lockdowns and shutdowns began: The day will come when the people of this Country learn the truth about COVID-19 and the planned destruction of American businesses, families, education and health. And when that day comes, the government WILL pay. It may take time, but Americans WILL, at the very least, be made financially whole or there will be a revolution the likes of which this Country has never seen before. Last month in Chicago, we saw the first major Hospital system settlement with healthcare workers who were Illegally fired for refusing to take the Jab. In June a major ruling out of New Orleans against Lloyds of London for denying business continuity insurance policy claims from restaurants affected by the lockdowns. And now, three more significant judgements involving the illegal, Unconstitutional measures taken by State and Local Officials.

In all of these cases, the premise of the judgements and settlements is the same: the Government DID NOT have any legal authority for the draconian shutdowns and mandates. Period. The Constitution rights of Americans are not up for debate during a pandemic, real or fabricated. The cases are mounting and the media is simply not reporting it to the American People. They can't - the overlords that control the media are the same people who designed and implemented the Plandemic and used it as an excuse to target American Small Businesses. Just wait until the wrongful death lawsuits get rolling against hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry. This is just the beginning of what will be the largest collective legal action in American history.

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