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Sickening. Biden’s fix for thousands of troops forced to sleep in a garage? Cookies.

I can’t decide which one of the manipulative optics and lies is most insulting this time.

Seeing 30,000 of our finest National Guard Troops being used as political pawns.

Is it The fact that they are all VOLUNTEERS, with full-time jobs, families, and businesses all put on hold at a moment’s notice.

The fact that these selfless Americans were forced to sleep on the floor of the Capitol building for political optics. And before you regurgitate the media’s story that this ‘needed to be done quickly‘ after the violent ‘insurrection’ on Jan 6th, check your sources.

This is the United States Military. Whether the National Guard in times of peace or the Marines invading Afghanistan, these forces possess the finest equipment and logistics in the entire world. Any branch of the military can literally build a small functioning city in a matter of hours. Even George Washington’s army had tents and cots at Valley Forge during the revolutionary war.

For any media source to say otherwise is insulting and grossly negligent. It is pure political propaganda and nothing else.

But using our troops as pawns wasn’t insulting enough. Members of Congress told the public that the majority of National Guard is white and male and therefore must be a part of Trump’s “insurrection.”

These troops could not be expected to ’safely perform’ perform their duties. The FBI proceeded to background check all 30,000 of the volunteer troops. They even removed dozens of them for being “a threat to national security“.

Can you imagine volunteering for the National Guard, being taken away from your life and family, sleeping on the cold floor of the Capitol and then being told that you need to go home because your country doesn’t trust you? I have no words to describe how sickening that is.

But it didn’t in there. Just 24 hours after these 30,000 troops successfully “protected” about 2500 inaugural guests inside the deserted 2 mile “green zone” in Washington DC, thousands were kicked out of the Capitol building. Why? because a guardsman was spotted purchasing coffee in a Capitol Hill commissary .....without a mask. You can’t make this stuff up.

According to one Guardsman, the group was forced to rest in a nearby parking garage without internet reception, with just one electrical outlet, and one bathroom with two stalls for 5,000 troops. Temperatures in Washington were in the low 40s by nightfall.

This is America. This is one of the wealthiest cities on the planet. The seat of our Federal Government. Volunteer American troops sleeping out in the cold because of fucking masks. Masks that are as much a weapon of propaganda as the inauguration ceremony itself.

All of this occurred under the watch of The Mispronouncer in Chief. The most powerful man in the world.

His answer? He sent his wife out with a basket of cookies. As expected, the media Cartel was there to remind us us how wonderful “dr” Jill Biden is.

Thankfully I wasn’t standing there with a gun. My first answer would’ve been “go fuck yourself.”

While all this was going on, who did the most to solve the problem? That’s right; Donald Trump. The “former“ president of United States offered The Trump International Hotel as staging and temporary lodging space for the troops.

He was rejected.

But he didn’t give up there. The Police were more than happy to take up residence there. At least somebody still respects the fine individuals that protect the American citizens.

And “citizen” Trump did all of this before “dr” Jill showed up to her photo op with a basket of cookies.

Actions, not words.

We are truly living in two separate worlds.


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