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January 11, 2022

Are we finally at the end of an old path and on the threshold of a new Golden Age, as President Trump has said many times, or will we have to wait a long time?

We had anticipated that in August, during the conference at Whirlpool, the President had spoken in these terms, announcing that he would be leaving for security reasons.

A few weeks later, he tweeted the simple words Rejoice, It Works (Rejoice, It Works!), without his Followers understanding the true meaning of that phrase.

But let's first objectively analyze what is happening economically with relevance these days.

Many knowledgeable people around the world are buying gold and silver, for example Warren Buffet to name one above all, and not just as a safe haven to cover the post Covid financial crisis (graphs show a strong uptrend) .

The petrodollar ceased to be an asset, but it also became indebted for the huge “printed” amount, of which the exact amount of the debt balance is not even known.

The same goes for Italian government bonds with negative -yield BOT placements , in a period when the spread is expected to soar.

Unicredit had a series of blackouts in two days (September 14th and 15th), causing inaccessibility to cash and current accounts, similar problems for Intesa San Paolo as well.

A new money laundering scandal has erupted for billions of dollars by major international banks like HSBC, Barclays, Deutsche Bank (which also decides to cut off several branches ), Commerzbank, JP Morgan and many others.

Do you think they are just disconnected coincidences?

In previous articles, we have presented important advances on the upcoming Worldwide Financial Reset through the Quantum Financial System (QFS), which appears to have started operating in August.

But we are going to analyze for the first time exclusively in Italy, which should be despite the fact that currently there are no official sources on the subject that can publicly confirm what it really is, also because given the scope of the project I personally do not believe that there are people that has 100% of the information.

According to our studies and rumors received from different sources, the QFS seems to operate through a "Cross Boarder Interbank Payment System" called CIPS which is a private network managed by artificial intelligence, therefore a virtual private network, which operates through of a digital currency (but not a Cryptocurrency) guaranteed by real Resources (Assets), and will allow each person to operate through any form of hardware (computer, smartphone, etc.) and have a clear and transparent integrity of operations and movements of money from Central Banks to the receiving accounts of the funds, then a new global network for transferring assets, which will replace the centralized system or Swift System, effectively blocking corruption and internal manipulation of the banking system.

Swift stands for “Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication”. It is the global provider of secure financial messaging services. When we talk about “SWIFT codes”, we refer to a series of standard codes used for financial telecommunications between banks.

With the new QFS, instead, everything will be managed through exchanges of this digital currency guaranteed by very specific features (it will not, therefore, be a cryptocurrency, but exchanges will be managed on the Ripple platform, which is a money transfer system. real-time funds, and Token XRP) with a calculation speed of 3.5 trillion frames (not bytes) per second, allowing real Gps authentication between the sender and the receiver.

The artificial intelligence that will control this transfer process, effectively controlling the global network in a few seconds, will assign a digital number to each fiat currency (Euro, Dollar, etc.) held by the world banking system, geo-locating in real time, allowing a level of inviolable security as to who sends and who receives.



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