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🎥 Think Things Are Getting Bad? You Just Didn't Notice The War Around You - It's BEEN Bad

September 1, 2022

Many have been mocked, ridiculed and called "crazy" for saying that we are at war…. Brainwashing is a frightening, evil, demonic weapon. I know, from personal experience. I discover evidence, stories, history....truths of all kind on a daily basis and very often they hit me like a brick wall. Why? Because quite often there has been overt and readily available proof of those truths that I simply didn't see. I was distracted, misdirected or simply relying on manipulated information sources. Quite simply, I was brainwashed. I'm no different than everyone else.

As America is finally seeing reality, it is important to look back on recent events and see the Truth vs The Narrative. You don't think we're in a war? You need look no further than the Summer of 2020. As Americans were arrested for sitting in parks, even SURFING without masks, dozens of Cities were burned and destroyed for over 90 STRAIGHT NIGHTS. You will likely be shocked by the footage in the video below, because 90% of it wasn't covered by the media. Much of it was censored or shadow-banned by Social Media. And worst of all, the Governors, Mayors and other leaders of these cities told law enforcement to stand down. They refused to call in the National Guard and they refused the Federal assistance offered by President Trump. The media even went as far as to accuse Trump of "threatening to use the military to attack the American People" after he called for control of the violence. Think back to what you didn't see and what you weren't told. Think back to the media narrative and then watch the REALITY that you likely didn't see in the video below. Then tell me we aren't at war....

🎥 A Look Back - Truth vs Narrative: The Summer of 2020


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