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🎥 Truth vs Narrative: Real Crime vs Media "Crime" - Brilliant Gutfeld Monologue 💊

September 10, 2022

"The Media Doesn’t Give a F*ck Because They Aren’t on The Same Team”

Gutfeld is bombarding Americans with more and more common sense red pills every night. His show is smart, logical, relatable and damn funny. And while the war isn’t a joke, the endless absurdity of this “movie” is sometimes more easily seen by the sleepers through a comedic lens. He is brilliantly exposing them to the facade of the media, Hollywood, the politicians, elites, globalists, universities and their coordinated socialist agenda.

The numbers speak for themselves. It’s working in a historic way.

A conservative cable show….on Fox…..with zero Hollywood or Sports guests…. shoots to number one…past the network late night “staples”….each with decades of dominance?….AND it happens in barely a year?

YEA, I’d say the “normies” have taken notice 👀


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