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🚨VIDEO: Protesters Tried to Stop ANTIFA at Capitol

“We are under attack!”

Chilling words ring out in this clip, which tells a very different story than the Mainstream Media. The video, largely buried by the mainstream and long ago purged by Google, and Social Media, shows Trump’s supporters yelling “ANTIFA! ANTIFA! ANTIFA!“, booing the oddly out of place rioters dressed in All-Black as they attempted to break in. Watch closely as you’ll see another Trump supporter woke up and rip the antifa agitator off of the building what’s the delight of the crowd. At the end to the video you also hear Trump supporters chanting “traitor, traitor ,traitor.”

Still trust your mainstream media? Here’s some food for thought. This is the United States Capitol building. One of the most important structure in the Country. Why have we not seen any security camera footage from inside? Lots of well-edited ground video, but nothing from closed circuit cameras. Are they still developing the film?


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