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VOTE: Which one is fake news?

So what now? War? More unrest? More fake news, just by the other side? Financial free fall? Foreign conflict? invasion? Terrorist attack?

Well let’s hope not. Because guess we’ve already lived through all of the above.

We have two completely different propaganda machines battling for the trust of the American people. Americans are overwhelmed by information fatigue and sick of being lied to. Yet the striking lack of journalistic integrity is more egregious than ever. We must foster stronger foundation of honesty in media or this great divide will only further tear at the fabric of our democracy.

So as always, please read, vote, like and share...

Inauguration Day 2021 was strange to say the least. Something about a tree falling in the woods?

That image was taken at 10:30am, just an hour before the ceremony began.

As we expected, the media coverage was as split as the vote itself. The media had two very different takes on the morning's event:

Chris Wallace

Bill Clinton



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